Car Covers in the Wet and Cold Weather

Hello again, time for another article about car covers. This week we will talk about the wet weather and how your car cover handles it. I live in Northern Arizona and we have been getting a lot of rain this year during the monsoon season. I have a waterproof cover for my Jeep and when it rains there is some moisture under it, I thought it was waterproof and it is, the moisture I’m seeing is condensation from the temperature change when the rainy weather come blowing in. Even though I live in colorful chair covers Northern Arizona the day time temps can get up there around 102 degrees some days. And when the rainy weather come the temps will drop by 20 to 30 degrees and this can cause condensation to form under the cover. So it may look as if the cover is leaking but it’s not, if you give it some time after the rain has stopped and things start to dry out the cover is made to breath and this will wick away the condensation from under the cover. If you have a rain storm and the cover is wet and the day turns to night you will defiantly have condensation under the cover in the morning. The drop in temps will cause this to happen and if you can leave the cover on you will find it will dry out underneath in just a little while. If you live in parts of the country that gets very cold like below freezing you may find your cover stuck to the vehicle, this happens when during the day the sun warms up your vehicles finish and causes condensation to form under the cover and as the temps fall below freezing the cover freezes to your vehicles finish. If you have time to let the cover warm up it will come off your vehicle with out hurting the cover. But if you need to get the cover off right now we suggest pouring hot water on the cover to help it release from the finish. If you try to force the cover off you will damage it and it may lose it’s waterproofing capabilities.

There are two different types or waterproof covers, first there is the water resistant cover, this cover isn’t waterproof but it will help stop some of the water from getting underneath the cover and still will breath to help dry out after the storm. The true waterproof cover is 100% waterproof meaning that no water can get under the cover, but you will see condensation under it so don’t think it is leaking because it’s not. It also can breath and will dry out after just a little time. I get this question a lot about waterproof covers and they always think it’s leaking, so then I have to explain about the condensation factor. These water resistant and waterproof covers are also mildew and mold resistant and UV treated to stand up in all kinds of weather. When your cover gets wet you should try to dry it out before you fold it up or stuff it in the storage bag, this will help it to last longer and to maintain the waterproof treatment as well as the mold and UV treatment. We suggest if you can to leave the cover on the car until it is dry or if you must take it off wet, to lay it out unfolded so it can dry before storing it away.

I hope this information has been helpful in answering some of your questions and explaining some proper care of your covers. If you would like more information about vehicle covers and accessories please visit us




Get Involved in Your Hampton Roads Community

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have settled in Hampton Roads for several years, there are several opportunities to get involved in your community. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and other towns in this metropolitan area offer a number of business and volunteer programs in which you and your family can take part. In addition to serving others in need of help, you are able to make social connections that could prove valuable in the future.

Community Groups of Hampton Roads

The seven cities offer a number Seven Cities Virginia of organizations for people interesting in helping the greater metropolitan area and networking for business purposes. Depending on where you live, some of these groups may have requirements for membership. It is highly recommended to research which groups are the best fit for your talents and schedule.

Some places where you wish to offer your time and energy include:

The Norfolk Jaycees – This leadership development organization welcomes new members ages 21 – 40 to participate in a variety of service projects and business training seminars around the city.

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce – Expanding its reach throughout the Tidewater area, the Hampton Roads chamber works to foster strong leadership values and marketing for its members.

Toastmasters – For decades, Toastmasters Internationals has assisted leaders in business and community with improving communication skills. Area 12 Toastmasters supports the Upper Peninsula of Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg.

Scouting Organizations – You won’t find better groups that instill respect, patriotism, and charity than the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. With several troops set up throughout the area, adult volunteers are needed to help these school-age kids achieve their goals.

Of course, this list doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what’s available in Hampton Roads for you to join. If you feel a calling to give your time to others – be it working a few hours in a library or distributing suppers to those less fortunate – there is a non-profit in the area in need of extra hands. Take a look around your neighborhood and see what is there for you, and consider what you have to offer.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach real estate and jobs in Virginia Beach.The recent California Wildfires remind me that we have had a series of crisis in our country over the past six years that have impacted many, many lives. The first major crisis occurred on September 11, 2001, when nearly 3,000 people died in New York City, Virginia and Pennsylvania at the hands of terrorists. Many Americans still suffer serious health consequences and even death because of their rescue efforts related to the terrorist attacks. Two years later, in October of 2003, Wildfires in California destroyed over 3,600 homes. After another two years, in August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and the Mississippi Coast, including parts of Alabama, destroying approximately 275,000 homes and taking at least 1,800 lives. And most recently, 1,300 more residents of Southern California lost their homes in October due to the fires.




Selecting Online Casinos

Choosing an online casino might seem to be an easy task to do; however, it is more complicated. People usually look for the online casinos that give the best payouts which are not always as easy as it looks.

To realize if an online casino gives or not good payouts there are a lot of variables involved. Like the percentage that the online casino keeps as a pee for its services. There are some ways to determinate how well an online casino’s payout is, for example: try to talk with some online casino bettors to find out their opinions about how have the biggest payouts. Take into consideration those stuffs that some online casinos don’t tell you.

The software used by the online casinos is also important. The online casinos are likely to give you previews of details about the software you need to install and sometimes how does it work. If not, well…

Getting into the most important issue, the withdrawals are what most people gamble for. Be sure to gather together all the information about the way you can take out your earned money from the online casino. Even if that seems like wacky talk, some online casinos do not pay you until the last Friday of the month for example.

Another very important issue to talk about is the support that an online casino is supposed to offer. When you have some question, doubt or problem, the latency time until they have fully satisfy your concern is very important. Remember that your money is in between. So stand up for your rights and don’t accept any less than the best attention.

The support is crucial, specially when working with online transactions. If you lost your connection in the middle of a transaction, you could lose your money. And that is one of the most important questions to do when grading an online casino. You better be sure of the coverage before getting the services; otherwise, it could be too late.


Casino Cash Cow, Beating the Bookies – A Guide to Casino Winning

There are plenty of opportunities to make money online. There’s selling off your stuff on ebay, there’s making money as a product affiliate and of course there’s gambling. Of the various method this last one has to be the most risky. After all, from Casino Roulette to betting on the horses, only a select few lucky punters have ever made a consistent profit. The real winners are the end of the day are always the bookies and casinos.

But is that really true? Surely in this modern era someone must have discovered a way to beat them? Well, yes. The father of modern Casino Winner is considered to be American mathematician Edward O. Thorp. So, what did he invent and how did it beat the casinos?

Card Counting

Thorp published the now seminal work Beat The Dealer in 1962. This was the first publication of a BlackJack card counting system. Card counting in BlackJack allows the player to identify when the pack is rich in 10’s and A’s and thus increases the probability of hitting 21. A skilled Card Counter can overturn the house edge (of around 0.5% when the player is using perfect strategy), and gives themselves an edge of between 1% and 2.5%. Over time, a Card Counter can probably earn around $50 an hour counting card.

The real money comes when a team of Card Counters work together. When they do so, they can really jack up the odds in their favour. The team will consist of ‘spotters’, who sit at various tables counting the cards, waiting for a deck rich in 10’s and A’s. When that happens, they signal to another member of the team (The ‘Big Player’) to come and play with maximum bets. In this way, the Big Player can move from table to table, with seemingly random play, and make big wins at each one. Card counting team have walked away with millions from the Casinos.