Different Ways to Burp Your Baby

Babies are always adorable even when all they do is eat, sleep and poop. Babies will almost always give you a “spit up” shower after each meal so you need to learn how to prepare yourself and how to help your baby be comfortable by burping. If a baby is unable to burp or spit up they will become increasingly uncomfortable which will result is fits of crying uncontrollably. There are many different ways to burp your baby when they are uncomfortable. You need to find the best and most comfortable way for you and your baby but here are some tips.

Sitting Up

Sit your baby up your lap with their head slightly forward but make sure that their chest is always supported by your arm as you  hold them. Slowly and gently pat or rub your baby on the back but make sure that the baby’s head does not roll forward or wobble from side to side.

Face Down on Your Legs how to get yourself to burp

Lay your baby face down on your thighs with the stomach laying on one leg and their head laying on your other leg. Make sure you hold them securely and support their head while you gently and slowly pat or rub the back until the baby has burped.

On Your Shoulder

Pull your baby close to you and hold them firmly against your chest while supporting their bottom. Again, slowly and gently rub or pat the baby’s back until the burp is released. Also be careful to watch their head support.

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