Choosing A Survival Group – Do’s and Don’ts

There’s no secret that survival prepper is a group effort. While prepping is a growing movement, by no means is it anything close to mainstream. This means if you are a prepper, you’re likely having a lonely go at it. There are a number of reasons for this, all which would make articles on their own. The point I’m trying to make is that you need to find people you can rely on if the world as we know it comes crashing down. So here are some do’s and don’ts as I see them.

DO – Find local preppers in your area. This may include people from local forums, gun clubs, hunting and fishing clubs, anywhere online or off you might find like-minded people.

DON’T – Assume that every prepper is trustworthy. People are people no matter what their believe system is. You must find someone you can trust, someone who trusts you, and people you get along with. Prepping is the end point but those others come first, or it’ll all fall apart.

DO – Recruit family members. No one knows you like your closest kin, and there’s no love like family love. Trust is the #1 most valuable resource in group survival and your loved ones have it in spades.

DON’T – Recruit family members just because they are some sort of relative of yours. Everyone has those aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws that are, well, not good people. I said above that there’s no love like family love. That’s true. That doesn’t necessarily apply to every and all family members. Leave those ‘family’ members that are nothing but sponges, blowhards and self indulged drama makers behind. This sounds harsh, but there is no trust when there is no family love.

DO – Recruit friends. Friends are a fantastic resource and just like family love, friends can bring trust in spades. In a survival situation you need someone who you can have your back to and know you won’t get a knife in it.

DON’T – Recruit fair-weather friends. Fair-weather friends are a lot more common than real friends. These people think only for themselves and only associate with you when they want something from you. It’s easy to get lost in the glamour of having a large social group, real or imagined, but you MUST do soul-searching in this situation. Take a good hard look at your social circle and eliminate all those from your list who are fair-weather friends – when it comes down to eat or die, these people will as soon kill you to get your things if they think it’ll help them than help you as a group. There is no trust in that.

Now that you’ve read this, do you have a list in your mind of who you’d want around you if TSHTF? Keep in mind that this list doesn’t mean these people are preppers or have to be preppers. These people will be survivalists when TSHTF whether they like it or not. These are just the people whom you trust and vice versa. So create your short list. If they won’t prep, fine, prep for them. They will provide the most valuable rurce imaginable, that of the group. Now, I have my short list. I’m sure you will to

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