Market The house With no Real estate agent

Market The house With no Real estate agent

In the event that youre considering, “I ought to market the house with no real estate agent, ” the present housing market as well as surge from the Web can make your work simpler.

Market The house With no Real estate agent

If you’re seeking to market a home with no real estate agent, you’re referred to as the “FSBO” vendor. FSBO means the actual expression fsbo. Even though FSBO retailers possess usually been around, they’ve turn out to be a lot more common within the last couple of years because of 2 main elements.
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Warm Housing market

A good huge warm housing market offers created real estate agents fairly unimportant in several areas. For example, houses within North park, Ca had been considered to be available on the market for under fourteen days normally within earlier 2005. Bear in mind, it was the typical period this required to market a house such as the run-down interferes. In this marketplace, numerous home owners began asking yourself the reason why these were having to pay 6 % profits to some real estate agent that didnt need to do a lot.

Web Make use of

The actual development associated with FSBO property entries websites offers exploded during the last 3 or 4 many years. Because purchasers as well as retailers grew to become much more acquainted with these types of websites, they frequently looked on the internet with regard to houses rather than generating places having a real estate agent. This particular led to retailers asking yourself the reason why they ought to spend the fee associated with 6 % to some real estate agent whenever a website such as fsboamerica. org just billed $25 per month in order to checklist a house on the website. Numerous couldnt think of a cause.

Absolutely no Real estate agent

Your decision to market a person home with no real estate agent is actually 1 you need to help to make very carefully. In the event that youre confident with the actual product sales procedure, heading FSBO can make all of the feeling on the planet. In the event that youre unpleasant using the settling procedure, after that you might want to think about utilizing a real estate agent. Eventually, the first thing ought to be to purchase a FSBO guide inside your nearby bookstore or even go to a FSBO website as well as review what’s included.


Just Starting Out In Affiliate Marketing? Use This Advice To Help!


Do friends often purchase products based on your feedback? Do you love writing reviews on sites like Amazon? You might have a future in affiliate marketing! As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be able to earn a commission for products you convince people to buy online. Read on, to learn what you should know before you get started.

Properly use the META tag. This description will show up on search engines and anywhere there’s a description of your website, so make sure to be as succinct and professional as you can. Emphasize the best parts of your product or service so a person will be intrigued and click through to your site.

To promote your affiliate marketing business you should set up various URLs that point to your affiliate link. Web addresses that contain relevant search terms will show up higher in the rankings and entice people who are looking for more information about that term to click through and purchase.

A great tip for participating in affiliate marketing is to write reviews. If customers do not see reviews about products, they will not know your thoughts about these products. As a result, they will not be as likely to purchase the products. Write reviews on your site, as well as in articles and newsletters.

Affiliate marketers should always tell their readers exactly how their business works. Describe the purpose of your site in general terms, and disclose your affiliations. If readers feel that you are not disclosing your affiliations, they will shun you by leaving your site and heading directly to the manufacturer to purchase product.

A great affiliate marketing tip is to look over your contracts carefully and to not sign anything that restricts what you can sell on your own site. Sometimes companies will try to throw special stipulations into contracts that will restrict you from selling products that are from a different company.

Recruit the most loyal customers by offering an affiliate program. This generates sales and allows the client to actually make money by spreading the word about your product to other online users. You needn’t worry about losing a cut of the profit; you will easily recoup that cost in the increased number of sales and site traffic- especially since you will be spending less than you would on trained sales employees.

You should start with a topic you know when doing affiliate marketing. Even though choosing a topic you know may not get you the best commission or be managed well it is something that you are interested in. You should stick with something that you know because it stays interesting rather than doing a website on something you don’t enjoy, as that will get boring.

For novice affiliate marketers who lack the financial support of a larger firm, one of the best ways to succeed is to choose a niche that is extremely popular, very interesting to the marketer, and relatively unexplored by competitors in the market. Success will come as a natural outgrowth of the marketers’ passion and personal involvement.

You don’t have to limit yourself to large affiliate vendors. Sometimes your favorite vendors have their own affiliate programs, so you can go right to the source and check them out. Chances are that your favorites are going to be some of your readers’ favorites, so it’s a good idea to go with what you like too.

Web Traffic

The key to being a successful affiliate marketer is to generate a lot of traffic to your website. There is no other strategy that works as well. If one percent of your web traffic clicks on an affiliate link, you need a lot of traffic to make money so more traffic equals more money.

A great affiliate marketing tip is to edit your articles to make them generate more web traffic. You can generate more web traffic simply by using different keywords or by using a tool such as rank tracker. This is a great way to increase your search engine rankings and to make more money.

Website Traffic

Who doesn’t love a bit of free advertising? Get your business, and your website, listed in free business directories. There are many out there, such as Yelp,, and InfoUSA. Listing with them can lead to a boost in website traffic as well as a boost in the success of your business.

When posting affiliate marketing links on your site, make sure the affiliate is appropriate. For instance, you do not want to place ads for a company selling adult toys on a website dedicated to daycare reviews. Inappropriate ads are a quick way to lose website traffic and your income.

Let your affiliates help. If you have an affiliate program, let your affiliates do the promotion work for you. Offer them an incentive and they will be happy to do it. Your affiliates should have good-sized networks in place and when they publicize your articles, your website traffic will jump.

Consider making use of video sharing sites to boost your affiliate marketing program’s effectiveness. The financial outlay of this process is minimal; all you need to provide is a simple video extolling your affiliate vendors’ products and linking to your website. In return for this modest effort you may see a significant increase in website traffic and vendor sales.

If your website traffic is coming from areas like Asia, then you should check out alternative social media sites that cater to that community to have a profile on. By doing this you could find a wider audience for your affiliate marketing, in turn driving more traffic to your website than using just one or two commonly used social media sites from your country.

There’s no reason not to give affiliate marketing a try. It won’t take much for you to get started, and the information given in this article will put you on the fast track to affiliate marketing success. Don’t be afraid to take your sales skills to the next level and make a career out of affiliate marketing!


The Best Hair Dryers for Curly Hair

A well-styled head of curly hair can be very eye catching. It can also be very difficult to achieve if the wrong hair dryer is used. Typical hair dryers work well for most kinds of hair, but the aggressive forced air it produces can be damaging to curls. In addition to its rapid air flow, the high heat can also effect wavy locks as well. The best style dryer to use is a regular dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Slow and steady always wins the curly hair-drying race. By using a diffuser at the end of your dryer, you eliminate the constant blast of air you get from regular hair dryers. When placed on the end of a conventional dryer it breaks up or diffuses the strong flow of air, but utilizes heat enabling them to applied in an indirect way.

There are a few different ways stylists recommend drying your hair with a diffuser. One method is to focus on the roots first. By placing the diffuser close to the scalp with the dyer on low, and at a 90 degree angle, you can lift the hair at the roots with your fingers while drying. Drying the roots first and giving them that lift will create more volume. Another way to get more volume and controlled curls is to flip your head upside down and dry your hair that way. But the key with any method you use is to keep the heat low.


Hair Straightener Essentials

In the last five to seven years, straight hair has rocked the runway and suburbia alike. From supermodels to actresses to girls next door, showcasing long, smooth, sleek hair is in. Permed or poufy hair is most decidedly out.

Some people, particularly people with some Asian heritage, are born with the texture and versatility straight hair offers. While our mothers or grandmothers may have used an actual iron to flatten their tresses on ironing boards, these days we have modern tools like hair straighteners to help get the job done.

Hair straighteners vary from the old original flat iron in significant ways. First, the tools offer variable heat temperatures, none of which reach the great heights as clothes irons. Second, the tools are constructed to fit easily in your hand. At no time is there any danger of the broad heating surface coming in contact with your face. While the plates wrap a bit around the edge and can warm up your ear if held too closely, the potential for damage is much lower.

Old irons also had a tendency to singe hair, breaking it off and generally leaving it coarse and unhealthy-looking. Thanks to ceramic and silicone materials, today’s hair straighteners heat evenly and provide a much smoother surface. Using a gliding motion with your hand, you can surround a section of hair near the roots and glide the hair straightener to the end with little to no snagging.


Fifty Years of Technology Gone?

Technology has come a long way in the past fifty years. So if I told you something about all the great technology in the past fifty years I could go on forever!

But instead lets just focus on some of the great technology we’ve enjoyed for the past fifty years, but has unfortunately disappeared much too soon due to the replacement of even newer technology.

Let’s begin back around the late 1960’s, and into the 1970’s with the development of the simple 8 track cassette which was the new technology for listening to music at the time. In order to listen to the 8 Track Cassette you just had to have an 8 Track Player, and if you did you were all set to enjoy some music.

Now personally I’m old enough to have been around during that great period of time to have seen the success, and the fall of the 8 Track player. Can you believe that I actually still have some of my old 8 Tracks from back at that time, but I’m not able to play them due to no longer having an 8 Track Player to actually play them on.

But besides 8 Tracks there were also the 4 Track Cassettes which at the time was actually developed just prior to the 8 Track, but had a short life primarily because it had only two tracks, meaning that when you actually wanted to listen to a different song you would have to push a button on the player to change the track. But with the 8 Track you actually had four tracks which gave you a better selection of songs to choose from which was much more popular with people who bought them.

As time proceeded much smaller Cassettes were on the market also for listening to music, but these cassettes were much more compact than the 8 Track Cassettes were. So now we had both the 8 Track Cassettes as well as the compact smaller Cassettes to enjoy listening to music, but as time continued on before you could say “8 Track Cassettes” they we’re gone! Leaving us with only the smaller Cassettes to listen to and to enjoy.

So the only other format to listen to music at that time was the standard Photograph Record Player which of course had been around for many years. But as time passed by once again soon the Cassettes were no longer available as well. So now you would no longer have to worry about tapes breaking, or coming out of the cartridges with either the 8 Tracks, or the Cassettes alike, so now both Cassettes are gone. While we still had the Photograph Record Player to enjoy listening to music however it may just be until the next big technology came along, and so just what and when would that be?

So that next big technology that allowed us to listen to music that sounded better than ever was the Compact Disc (CD), and this format was no longer a tape, but a disc. I personally can still remember the time when the local record store took all of the photograph records off their selves, and replaced them all with Compact Disc’s (CD) that was impressive for me because that was a major change from the Records that I grew up with, and had enjoyed playing for years, but were no longer available at what was one time called the “record store” as it had all changed now to the CD’s.

Now for changing the players from the standard Record Player to the CD Player, and to enjoy listening to music was probably one of the biggest changes ever for the listening of music. This technology change from records to CD’s was a much better sound which eliminated the “pops” that records typically would have. So today we still have CD’s available, but with all the other means that people have to enjoy music on the internet, and elsewhere the CD’s are just not as popular as in the past, and perhaps the day may just not be too far off before it also becomes difficult to find them as well.

Now what about the technology that brought us the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)? Well first with the Video Cassette Recorder basically there were two different types of tapes that were available to use on your VCR. First there was the Beta Cassette, and latter there was the VHS Cassette. You can still purchase the VHS Cassette even though it may be very difficult to do so, but as for the Beta you can no longer find it due to the simple fact that the Beta Cassette was much smaller than the VHS Cassette was, and so as a result less storage space to record was available.

The Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) was nice because you could record your favorite TV Show at any time, and then play it back to watch it at your convenience anytime you choose to do so. I personally recorded, and purchased many different Cassette’s that soon had grown into a large Video Cassette Library that I still in fact have. But are you aware that Beta, and VHS were both tapes as were the 8 Tracks, and the small Cassettes, and now that’s all old technology, and you may recall what happened to them. YES… they were replaced with the new technology just as the Video Cassette Recorder was.

Now what new technology was going to be next? What great technology replaced the Video Cassette Recorder? The answer is the DVD Player! and it is still a current technology enjoyed today, but again has no tape because its simply a disc. Does this sound familiar? Of course the 8 Track Tape technology which changed to CD’s, and now with Video Tapes on the VCR changing the technology to DVD’s.

So when you set down to enjoy music as well as watching movies all this technology may only be the beginning. And to fairly discuss all technology advances would require something short of writing a book. So I have focused only on the technology in which I have discussed in part due to it actually being a big part of my life as I grew up. So no matter if you personally experienced this technology or not I sincerely hope that you will find it all as fascinating as I did, and you will follow the continuous changes of technology as it is related to music, and movie entertainment.

So now we can only wait for the next great technology change that gives us something we’ve never experienced before, in the mean time continue to follow the forever changes in technology.

Sometimes it may feel as though technology moves too fast for us especially if we enjoy, and love our current technology that we are using. But when old technology is replaced with new technology it usually means it’s better, and that the old technology is no longer available, so is this always a good thing?



Member Engagement: A “Must-Have” for Health Plans Today

As Health Reform continues to unfold, the pace of change is picking up speed, as new models of reimbursement, care delivery and access are taking shape.

These shifts on the provider side should represent good news for millions of Americans that need better support from the healthcare system, especially since many of those with chronic disease aren’t currently getting recommended care. Coupled with the fact that most patients do not adhere to their medication and treatment regimens or recommended lifestyle and health behavior changes, and it’s easy to spot some of the challenges ahead.

Here’s where the payer side, particularly health plans, can really help.

Health plans have ready access to claims data and other relevant clinical information plus a direct line to their members for targeted messaging and clinical interventions. While not a traditional strategic imperative, health plans do have a significant opportunity to help drive behavior change, reduce risk, and produce positive health outcomes for their members.

Most plans already provide member portals and other helpful resources, and many have begun to focus on enhancing these activities and initiatives to enhance their value and impact. But, to compete effectively, in this rapidly shifting market, they will need to re-orient their mindset and approach to be far more consumer-centric.

Consumer Power

After a decade of slow growth, Healthcare Consumerism has begun to take hold. Participation in high deductible health plans (HDHPs) is at a record level with 23% of all those with employer-sponsored insurance now enrolled in an HDHP. Other emerging factors such as price comparison tools, quality ratings, and retail health alternatives will continue to put more power into the hands of consumers.

Health plans need to respond to this trend and design strategic solutions or partner with best-in-class service providers for their member populations. This puts a greater burden on member engagement outreach and interactions that are positive, relevant and trust-building.

This will not be easy. Recent surveys reveal a deep trust gap between insurance companies and their members. The KMB Group survey of 34,000 consumers, find that only 22% of members identify their health plans as a “trusted source.” This compares to 80% for physicians.

And this year’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) report indicates that customer satisfaction with health plans declined between 2013 and 2014, stating, “There is no area where health insurance companies offer an outstanding experience.”

Member Engagement

Member engagement is new territory for most health plans, and with Medicaid expansion, the influx of age-in Medicare members and the newly insured, it is increasingly important to provide consumer-oriented communications interactions, and interventions.

As Star Ratings and other quality metrics rise in prominence, and consumer brand preference and loyalty begin to become important factors, health plans will find themselves striving for excellence in consumer experience, though outstanding member engagement.

We see a number of areas that need to be addressed in developing an effective member engagement strategy:

1. Understand how consumers think and operate in their own health and healthcare world.

Health plans need to conduct a thorough and honest review of the outreach that goes to members, along with any and all on-going interactions, the customer service function, and related areas. This is the essential starting point for meaningful change and can help uncover insights about the consumer decision process. Additionally, areas such as behavioral economics provides many important learnings and can be a good guide for creating a messaging strategy to members.

2. Adopt a member-centric marketing system designed around their concerns and interests.

Using a consumer marketing mindset in establishing the communications strategy and identifying measurable actions, health plans need to become be a valued partner. Strategic messaging needs to be incorporated into all member touch points and aspects of outreach. Too many health plans still rely on dated letters from their Chief Medical Officer as the introduction to any number of health enhancement initiatives. Scrap them and find ways to make the content meaningful, relevant, and credible to the recipient.

3. Strategically align and integrate all health improvement service offerings.

Most health plans can check all the boxes relative to their service offerings in wellness, care management, disease management, pharmacy coordination, and an array of other services – but bringing them all together in a seamless solution is what members truly want and need. And by providing an overlay of measurement and feedback, plans can help ensure members receive what is most meaningful to them.

These are ways health plans can think about advancing their capabilities toward being member-focused and engagement-oriented. There’s a lot they can do to actually change member behavior, lower risk and contribute to better overall health outcomes – which should produce stronger margins and returns.

Health plans can learn and adopt many consumer marketing strategies from other industries, all of which can more create positive experiences in healthcare. In a consumer health plan market, the winners that emerge will likely be those that excel in member engagement.


Internet Marketing – Making the Most of a Successful Opt-In List

Emails are replacing regular mail from the post office, not only because they are cheaper as there is no need to buy a stamp, but also because they are extremely fast. Emails can be sent and delivered almost instantly, in as few as five seconds depending on the server, to anywhere in the world.

What’s more, emails are being used to distribute a wealth of information, such as newsletters, promotional material and other highly useful stuff. How can you use this valuable form of communication to your advantage? By using an opt-in list to accumulate email addresses bazinga from people who are interested in what you do, you can then send them your promotional emails directly to their computers.

Though it is easy to find email addresses, if you are talking in thousands of numbers it will be difficult to utilise them to their full potential. In particular, you need to determine the characteristics of the recipients of your email. For instance, you wouldn’t want to send an email to a list consisting mostly of males if you were selling lipsticks.

A good opt-in list should include the profile of the email address owner. Here are tips on how to create a comprehensive opt-in list for a target market.

Create your own website.

Creating a website is made very simple nowadays. There are numerous sites available to assist computer users in making and maintaining their own websites. Some are more difficult to use than others. Some are free whereas some are pay monthly. (Check out my other article ‘Build Your Own Website- FREE or Pay Monthly’) Several web hosting sites are available too, and some of these are FREE as well. When you have your own site, you can add functionality that allows visitors to register with you or sign your guest book as they leave.

Offer a promotion or a FREE giveaway.

Not all the best things in life are free, as they say. But you can definitely offer a FREE product as long as it is something of good value, which must link in with your niche market. Some ideas for you are screensavers, free games and free program downloads. And what do you get from them? Just an email address, a name and a little something more about them, if you think it’s necessary. So get thinking and come up with something of value you can give out.

Make sure you write and keep on writing.

There are plenty of sites where you can upload articles that you write. Don’t forget to add a link to your article providing information about what you are trying to promote. Some readers will enjoy your work so much they’d like to contact you, so remember also to let them have access to your contact details.

Always allow an easy opt-out option.

People who join your opt-in list may want to opt-out of it at some point. People who are wary of joining may not join at all if they see that it would be nearly impossible to remove their email address from the listing. Let them see that it is as easy to opt-out as it is to opt-in.

Check out strategies of others.

You can even find a partner in generating an opt-in list. This way, you can split the expense and time needed to set up and maintain the list and both of you can share the information generated. It would be best to partner with a person or company that has a business which compliments your own. Both of you can then profit, without competing with each other.

Don’t forget offline marketing methods too. Check out my website for ideas.

Generate an opt-in list and you will start reaching out to people who could be your valued customers for a long time.

Internet Marketer

I found YourNetBiz a business in a box and The Six Figure Mentors. YourNetBiz provides you with an easy way of setting up your own internet marketing business at a fraction of the cost of going it alone. What’s more, it provides you with websites, backroom sales support, training and all the tools you will need. Combine this with the additional resources, training and assistance from The Six Figure Mentors and you’re sure to have everything you need to become a successful Internet Marketer.

Baz Smith Marketing

Level Entry ‘Business in a Box’ [] affordable way to start out in the world of Internet Mating.


What things inspire you to create art?

My very first painting in acrylic was at the age of ten. My Uncle Ron, now retired as a commercial artist for an airline, gave me tips on drawing horses. He lived far from us, so I began practicing over and over, so that when he came back for a visit I was ready with my art, to get his critique. I was so thrilled when he told me I was now doing horses better than him! I realize now how he was encouraging me because I still have that first horse in my portfolio book 1971 and I can tell now that poor horse had some issues. I have to say, for a shy girl, that was the spark to light the fire which I have felt within me since as far back as I can recall.

What things inspire you to create art?

First of all the world around me, My granddaughter who is my light, my country, my family, music, sunset, sunrise, a great mountain view or a picnic by the lake. All these and more.

What are you trying to convey through your art? What does it mean to you?

I guess in light of all the bad going on in the world I would hope someone, in viewing my art could have a warm sweet feeling to take away with them. I hope it reminds them of the things we have here and need to appreciate, that don’t cost a dime. I hope to take the viewer to a simple place in time and in all my art I leave a object sometimes easy to find sometimes hard to find which I save for the viewer to find.

Tell me about influences:

Firstly my sis and my Uncle Ron. Some of the greats, Norman Rockwell; and the late painter of lights Thomas Kinkade, who inspired a series of watercolor paintings I did called “lights out” which is all natural lights in the night skies.

Tell me about your creative process, from the beginning of a work to its completion:

OK it may seem like a crazy frenzy, but many times I will sketch out things over and over and then it comes to me – what to paint. I guess If I had to think about my process it would be first, to get my canvas ready and primed. Then if I am doing, for instance, a lake I will lay out my lines just to know where things will go, and figure in which way the light is coming and where my shadows are. And then I begin painting. I am hoping to get more equipment so I can go to locations and paint more landscapes in open air.


Pros of Owning a 0 APR Credit Card

5 Pros of Owning a 0 APR Credit Card

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When you get the offer in the mail for a
0 APR credit card, you may be tempted to throw it out, thinking that it is too good to be true. But before you toss it in the circular file, take a good look at it.

0 APR credit card , credit cards

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When you get the offer in the mail for a 0 APR credit card, you may be tempted to throw it out, thinking that it is too good to be true. But before you toss it in the circular file, take a good look at it. There are some distinct advantages to owning one of these 0 percent interest cards that could help you in ways you don’t know yet.

1. Transfer high interest credit card balances.
If you have a credit card that you use often but can’t seem to pay off, you can transfer the balance of this card to your new 0 APR card. If you are paying twenty percent interest on another card and have stopped using it because all you can afford to pay each month is the minimum balance, this is a great option for you. You can not only pay off your other balance, but you can also get your purchasing power back.

2. Consolidate all credit card debt to one card.
For people with several credit cards that are maxed out, consolidating them all onto one 0 APR card is the perfect way to pay down the debt quickly. Instead of your monthly payment going to the interest alone, you will be able to pay on the principle for the entire 0 APR introductory period.

3. Transfer high interest rate loan balances.
If you have a car loan that is at an exorbitant interest rate, this is your chance to pay off the loan with no interest. Pay it off at the bank with the 0 APR credit card and then make your interest free payments to the card to pay off this balance.

4. Make big ticket purchases with no interest financing.
Planning to buy some furniture or an appliance? Want to buy some plane tickets to Europe? Use your 0 APR credit card to finance the purchase of these items at 0 percent interest.

5. Improve your credit.
By paying your bill on time each month and paying off balances from other cards or loans, you improve your credit score and better your chances for getting future credit offers.


3 Ways A Professional Bookkeeper Will Save You $$$

3 Ways A Professional Bookkeeper Will Save You $$$

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Some small and medium business (SME) owners try to do their own accounts or they may employee a bookkeeper directly. This can be fine if you are lucky enough to recruit a good bookkeeper directly, however unless you have an accounting background and a thorough understanding of the accounting software involved, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask at the interview process.

Even if you find someone who looks good on paper, unless you know what reports to ask for…

bookkeeping, bookkeeping services, accounting, small business

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Some small and medium business (SME) owners try to do their own accounts or they may employee a bookkeeper directly. This can be fine if you are lucky enough to recruit a good bookkeeper directly, however unless you have an accounting background and a thorough understanding of the accounting software involved, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask at the interview process.

Even if you find someone who looks good on paper, unless you know what reports to ask for it can take months to pick up if they are performing or not. Over 50% of clients that come to us have had a bad experience trying to employ a bookkeeper directly. Usually within the first week we uncover things such as:

• Double payment of creditors invoices

• Underbilling of revenue

• Incorrect GST coding usually resulting in underclaiming GST Credits

• Miscalculation of superannuation and payroll tax of employees and contractors

These mistakes can be very costly and sometimes terminal for some businesses.

Here’s 7 ways a professional onsite bookkeeper will save you money:

1. Help you work “on your business, not in your business!”

I know, it’s an old chestnut from that fantastic book E-Myth and which forms the cornerstone to most business coaching strategies. It is the key to being able to grow any business and applies to bookkeeping as with any other part of your business.

If you employ a bookkeeper, you still have to monitor the quality of their work, when they work, when they take holidays, etc. By outsourcing all of your accounting and bookkeeping functions to a professional bookkeeper, all of your accounts duties become their responsibility and you can focus on growing your business, with the confidence that you are receiving accurate reports on your performance and meeting all statutory obligations.

2. An onsite bookkeeper gets to know your business

There are some bookkeeping services that offer to take care of your accounts from their office which could be based anywhere in Australia or as far away as India. This involves transferring source documents either electronically or physically back and forth from your office to theirs. While this can be fine for micro businesses, it can prove difficult once your business begins to grow.

Before you can provide meaningful management reports, you need to know how a business operates and what are it’s key performance indicators. The only way to achieve this effectively is to get to know the company and the people who work within the company. This can only be done by performing the bookkeeping functions at the clients premises.

3. There’s “bookkeepers” and then there’s “bookkeepers!”

There can be a huge difference in skill level of people that call themselves bookkeepers. Just as an apprentice “chippie” and his boss with 30 years construction experience may both call themselves “builders,” people representing themselves as bookkeepers can range from data entry clerks through to qualified management accountants.

A professional bookkeeping firm should be accredited in the accounting software used by your company and they should have qualified accountants to support their bookkeepers to enable them to provide a management accounting level of service.

I hope this gives you some ideas of how using a professional bookkeeper can save your business money.