7 Useful Tips When Trying To Learn Spanish Online

You know, Spanish is a remarkable language full of passion.. When trying to learn Spanish you should be passionate and motivated to succeed!

Tip #1: Lack of time is not an excuse..

There’s a popular excuse for those who don’t to learn Spanish, but they wish the could speak Spanish. They say they haven’t got enough time to learn and study and exercise.. Well it’s only an excuse.. You don’t have to always sit down and spend hours learning Spanish and doing exercises.. There are thousands of online lessons offering audio material. While you wait for the bus or while you’re on the gym you could turn on your mp3 player or cd player and start listening to your favorite audio course.. Spanish Magazine It’s that simple!

When you watch tv turn on to a Spanish channel for a change, and try to figure out the meaning of the words and phrases you here.. Go get a Spanish magazine or even visit a Spanish website etc..

So don’t make excuses.. You can still learn Spanish online even if you got no time at all.. If you really want to learn Spanish of course..

Moving on to tip #2: Learn the basics..

You know that right? A lot of people start learning thousands of Spanish words of phrases to become Spanish vocabulary masters.. but guess what.. They only use a small percentage of that vocabulary when they speak Spanish with someone.. I think it’s more importand to learn the basic words or phrases and their grammar and pronunciation and master those.. And then if you want you can move on and learn the rest of the thousands of Spanish words..

There are a lot of so called Spanish teachers that will try to teach you old- fashioned Spanish, grammar rules that you will never have to use while you speak Spanish.. It will do you no good.. You have to learn modern Spanish.. Learn the basic words and phrases, master their pronunciation and writing rules and then and only then move on to expand your vocabulary..

Tip #3: Leave the Spanish Language alone..!

Yeap.. And what I mean is that you shouldn’t worry about why is Spanish language and Spanish words written or formated or pronounced the way they are.. Leave that alone..That’s how it is.. You can’t question the origins of the language or the definition of the words.. Well you can,but it will not help you when trying to learn Spanish.. So don’t ask yourself or your teachers or your Spanish lover why is that word pronounced like that or written like that.. or what is the definition of that particular word or phrase etc..

Concentrate on learning the language the way it is.. Don’t waste your time questioning the language itself!

Tip #4: It’s all about motivation of course!

OK when you start learning Spanish online you are motivated and enthusiastic. But what happens a few weeks later?

If you start losing your desire to learn Spanish a good idea would be to plan a trip to a Spain (!) or a Spanish speaking country or if you can’t afford it try visiting a Spanish speaking neighbourhood or a Spanish market or a spanish restaurant . This will really help you a lot and will increase your desire to keep learning and studying..

You could also try to find a Spanish speaking lover (!) or at least a friend who speaks spanish like a native..

This should motivate you a lot and make you keep going and keep studying Spanish.. If you have a Spanish speaking friend or lover (!) you will notice that your ability of absorbing Spanish words or phrases will increase dramatically!

And if that person really cares about you then he/she will try to boost your self esteem and keep you going.. You see, It’s all about motivation when trying to learn Spanish!

Let’s move on to tip #5.. You have the right to make some mistakes!

In fact I urge you to make as many mistakes as possible.. And then make some more, and some more! And after that please feel free to make even more mistakes.. If you want to learn Spanish online that’s the best way to move on to it. But there’s is a catch.. You have to be able to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes.. And try not to repeat the same mistakes on and on..

If you start making mistakes while you speak Spanish, or while you write a phrase in Spanish, or while you try to pronounce something in Spanish and realise that you made a mistake then your brain remembers that particular mistake and it’s easier for you not to repeat that mistake again!

So please don’t be disappointed if you’re making mistakes when learning Spanish.. That’s the way it goes..

Tip #6: Act like a parrot!

Yeap you should.. Parrots, these remarkable birds have a really strong memory because they have the ability to imitate what they hear and pronounce it they way they hear it.. You know that of course.. Well it will really help you a lot if you act like a parrot when trying to learn Spanish.. Start Immitating.. Remember that Spanish lover (!) or friend I was talking about? Well try to imitate your friend’s pronunciation and the way he/she uses Spanish words or phrases..

If you go to a Spanish market or a Spanish restaurant notice the way the Spanish speaking people actually use the language..

Interacting with native Spanish speaking people and act like a parrot is a great lesson that no teacher can offer you..

And my last tip is Tip #7: Find the right lesson!!

A last thing I want to mention here is if you are interested in learning Spanish online and want to buy some interactive lessons you should know that not all lessons are the same. They all use different techniques and different approach.. And not all methods are the best for everyone.. So it’s better if you try them first and then decide if it’s the right lesson or approach for you.. and then move on..

I hope you found the above information useful.. Thanx for reading..

If you are interested, there is a free resource for you, It’s a 6-day free -Learn Spanish- E-course [] that will teach you the basics of the Spanish language. How to say “good morning”, how to introduce yourself in Spanish and some basic rules, words and phrases too….




The Task Facing Nepal

On Sunday 27th of February 2011 the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science will be discussing the ‘Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone Summary for Decision Makers’ published by the UNEP and the World Meteorological Society recently. The report which is available online highlights the effect of Black Carbon and methane on global warming-climate change. Not much attention has been paid to Black Carbon (BC) and its effect but as the report explains:

“Black carbon’s darkening of snow and ice surfaces increases their absorption of sunlight, which, озон интернет магазин  along with atmospheric heating, exacerbates melting of snow and ice around the world, including in the Arctic, the Himalayas and other glaciated and snow-covered regions. This affects the water cycle and increases risks of flooding.”

This is no surprise to the inhabitants of the areas most affected by flooding namely Bangladesh, which suffered severe flooding in 2007, Nepal which suffered a similar fate in 2008 and Pakistan most recently in 2010. So what do countries like Nepal do when disaster strikes without warning and how do they plan for the future? In Nepal’s case, where no stable government existed at the time of the last flood, long term planning was difficult.

Nepal’s Year of Tourism 2011 was meant to bring over 1,000,000 tourists to Nepal to help inject some badly needed cash into this post civil war land locked Himalayan Country. The bread basket of Nepal the Terai was literally washed into northern India with its nutrient rich topsoil gone, the Terai resembled a desert. This year as we start the spring trekking the season storms came and went with reports from the mountains claiming heavier than expected snow fall and the prospect of very fine weather for trekking.

For the average Nepali who is now suffering 14 hr of power cuts a day, increases in fuel and gas costs, food price inflation and crop failure in some areas some change needs to come. Nepal is rich in natural resources and relies mainly on hydro power for its electricity supply. As it’s not raining now the poor people of Nepal are suffering ever increasing power cuts. Power is sometime only on for 2 or 3 hours during the working day, meaning only the rich can have access to a constant supply of energy which they store up using inverters and batteries over night when the power is on, giving them an uninterrupted supply the next day.

This is one of the main topics of discussion in Nepal. Do we build more hydro electric dams or build coal or gas powered electricity generating plants. The new PM has openly discussed the hypocrisy of the west’s policy of carbon credit allocation to developing countries. If Nepal invests money in CO2 emitting coal or gas plants it will get credits from the west but if they go for the more practical and cost effective hydro electric option no credits will be forthcoming.

As an environment observer and trekker I have been shocked with the lack of concern shown in political circles to the biggest problems effecting Nepal, namely its economically important tourist industry which supports communities across the country and the thinning of the Himalayan Glaciers that provide Nepal and South Asia with water and energy.

In the west there has been too much talk of helping developed countries combat climate change but no real action has materialized. The IPCC although well meaning seems to be a talking shop and while there is still vigorous debate in the west as to what is causing the glaciers to thin, there is no doubt that it is happening. The only debate is why?

“The projected rise in global temperatures could be cut in half in coming years if world governments focused on reducing emissions of two harmful pollutants – black carbon and ground-level ozone, including methane – rather than carbon dioxide alone, according to a U.N. study released Wednesday.”
Washington Post 23rd February 2011

Nepal is sandwiched between China to the north and India to the south, east and west, with a combined population of 3 billion people and countless methane producing animals, could Nepal’s glaciers be the victim of Chinese and Indian pollution?

I have been studying the subtle and not so subtle changes in the climate over South Asia for the last 6 years and have come to the conclusion that it caused in part by the effect of Black Carbon emissions from China and India. BC is changing the monsoon rainfall patterns and depositing soot on Nepal’s glaciers. So what is black carbon and how does it affect the glaciers of Nepal?

Black Carbon is uncompensated carbon emitted from the burning of fossil fuel and biomass. Across China and India every day millions of fires are lit with cow dung, charcoal or wood, power plants pump huge plumes of BC into the atmosphere to drive these 2 developing giants with cars, trucks and buses adding to this soup of pollution we call smog.

Unlike CO2, BC only remains in the atmosphere for a short period of about 15-40 days. In this short space of time it can have a dramatic effect on the weather and cloud formation. These small pieces of soot mimic the role played by sea salt, dust and pollen in cloud formation bonding with water vapor in smaller than normal clusters. As these clouds are unnatural they alter the normal formation of clouds and can bring huge downpours of rain to areas when the BC clouds and naturally forming clouds combine forces. Similarly the BC clouds can move naturally forming clouds from areas that normally expect rain and cause drought.

To add this problem, when the water finally falls to the ground as rain or snow it has another devastating effect. Like the Artic which reflects most of the suns energy back to into the atmosphere the glaciers remain in place because they do not absorb that much heat being white but when they are darkened by BC they absorb more heat and more melting occurs.




Washington Auto Insurance – Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Washington State & Washington DC

Auto insurance covers your liability for damaged property and injuries done to others. You never know what happens on the road so; it’s a wise choice to choose auto insurance for yourself and be on the safe side. If in case you get involved in some road accident and don’t have auto insurance then its possible that you might face a situation of heavy fine, registration or/and license revocation or suspension and in some severe case a possible jail time on various states in US. This is general rules in most of the states and might vary slightly. First we will cover car insurance requirements in Washington State.

In Washington state, it is required that all drivers carry a 25/50/10 policy. This means $25,000 liability coverage for bodily injury for a single person, $50,000 coverage for bodily injury for multiple passengers, and $10,000 coverage for property damage. In Washington, you must carry proof of insurance at all times while driving. Failure to do so may result in you being ticketed and having your license suspended. This financial responsibility is in place so that all divers have the financial ability to pay for any damages or harm they may accidentally cause upon someones body or property. It is also quite comforting knowing that while you are driving, other drivers on the road with you also have this same minimum car insurance in case they cause an accident.

If you live in Washington DC, the requirements are the same as for Washington state, however you must also carry underinsured insurance coverage, which protects you incase of an accident with an underinsured motorist.


Phoenix Luxury Homes

Despite the “housing bubble” horror stories promulgated by the mainstream “media” today, the market for Phoenix real estate is still expanding. Whether you’ve owned and/or you are an investor in luxury new homes, or you’re one of the smart ones who have taken advantage of highly favorable economic conditions for investors since 2001 and now what to show off your success to others, you’ll find plenty of Phoenix real estate to choose from.

What Are Considered “Luxury Properties”?

This is a relative term that varies from one part of the country (and even the world) to another. For example, a home that is considered “low-end” in Sacramento, California may be considered the epitome of luxury in say, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Likewise, tiny 800-square foot waterfront condos in Seattle could easily qualify as luxury new homes, whereas similar condos along the Missouri River in Omaha might not.

Additionally, the real estate profession makes a neat distinction between luxury new homes, luxury estates and luxury properties, based primarily on location.

The common denominator is market value. Like all luxury properties, Phoenix luxury homes are valued at $1 million or more. Because of the space available, Phoenix homes for sale in the luxury category are much larger in terms of square footage that their San Francisco or Manhattan counterparts; such luxury homes for sale in Phoenix are also located in the best neighborhoods and communities, and feature spectacular views of the desert scenery.


Cyber Crime: The Tool, the Weapon and the Hobby

Governments continue to warn businesses that they aren’t doing enough to shore up their cyber security. In contrast, a range of surveys tell us that businesses feel otherwise. Perhaps this is because a crucial point is disappearing through the communications cracks: anyone can commit cyber crime.

BAE Systems Detica’s new survey ‘Curiously Confident’ is perhaps the most recent to expose the perceived disconnect between how vulnerable the UK Government says that organisations are, and how vulnerable those organisations actually feel. cyber securityBased on interviews with 100 decision-makers in £350 million+ turnover UK companies, the survey revealed 89% of respondents were “very” or “fairly” confident that their companies could prevent targeted cyber attacks by outsiders.

This could be taken as an encouraging statistic if it weren’t for the general concern that cyber security is still not being taken seriously enough. For example, many organisations don’t deem themselves to be a high enough cyber target to warrant significant action. 61% of the Detica respondents said that only an attack on their company or a competitor would force their board to take cyber risk more seriously. Recalling a similar attitudes survey of smaller businesses by the National Cyber Security Alliance and VISA at the end of 2010, almost half of the respondents didn’t believe that the threat was worth the significant investment to secure their business.

There is a communications problem: the headlines and warning speeches only tend to focus on the sexiest threats that offer the sexiest stats. The activities of Anonymous make the news, as do attacks by foreign intelligence agencies and the eye-watering damages that major organisations such as Sony have sustained. Similarly, it’s very easy to associate the concept of a ‘national’ cyber security strategy with national problems such as organised cyber crime, cyber espionage and cyber warfare. In this context, many businesses can rightly consider themselves to be very low down on the list of targets.

I noticed a headline on ITweb recently that summed up what I think is missing from the whole argument: ‘Anyone can commit cyber crime’. If you Google ‘how to hack’, you get a sense of the vast library of know-how at the novice’s fingertips. If you Google ‘password cracker’, you can see the free tools you also have at your disposal. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and you’re ready to go. If you run into difficulty, then why not buy the services of a hacker – they even have their own websites. And if you think that honest citizens know that cyber crime is wrong, then I recommend you also see the results of Googling ‘hacking is not crime’.

The truth is, cyber crime isn’t as hard as you may think it is, and the threats can come from anywhere. For example, it’s a youth culture worn with pride. Disgruntled employees and ex-employees turn on their employers, and use cyberspace to exact their revenge. And it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, an unscrupulous competitor can easily attack you. So with our online world reducing the six degrees of separation every day, can you still be sure that your business won’t become a target?

Naturally, my sphere of interest is employee cyber security awareness, and I’ll leave you with a couple of statistics from that 2010 report by NCSA and VISA. With lack of cyber security awareness the biggest cause of breaches in organisations, I remember finding it deeply troubling that 75% of survey respondents had given their employees less than three hours of network and mobile device security training over the preceding 12 months. Worse still was the fact that 47% had given their employees none.

Article 10 are experts in information security [], providing data security training [] to a wide range of clients.



Diploma Courses That One Can Pursue After BDS

A common question that has grown in students studying dentistry is “What should I pursue after BDS which is merely a dental degree?” This question unites all the students concerned and the final product that comes out of this question is “confusion”.

The students face problems because “BDS as a course doesn’t help them get into MNC placements.” A simple BDS degree doesn’t let a student get that necessary clinical exposure.

But for those who have not been able to gain a seat in the MDS citing multiple reasons need not worry, they can opt for diplomas and dental clinical courses. Gooroo Courses Diploma courses after BDS are of two types i.e. private and government diplomas. The basic differences between government and private diplomas are affordability (government diplomas are cheap) and Dental Council of India (DCI) approval (only government diplomas have it).

Here are a few diplomas and courses a BDS graduate can apply for:

Private Diploma Courses

There are way too many private diploma courses. In fact, many seasoned dentists are running private diploma courses with big profit margins. The course fee varies differently for different courses. Those looking for clinical experience should opt for this.

Government Diploma Courses

DCI has approved many state dental-councils to run approved dental diploma courses in lasers, endodontics and orthodontics.

In Delhi, IGNOU offers Post-Graduate Certificate in Oral Implantlogy (PGCOI) which has a course duration of 1-3 years at an estimated fees of 1, 56,000 INR.

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) 2-year PG diploma

RGUHS, Bangalore offers a 2-year diploma course in dentistry. The candidate is eligible if he/she has a BDS degree or an equivalent degree from a University recognized by DCI.

The course is divided into 4 semesters in which the first two semesters deal with Preclinical Work and Applied Basic Sciences and the next two semesters deal with Clinical work.

Candidates looking for experience and degree can opt for this course.

Dental Clinical Courses

One can also opt for various Dental Clinical Courses in Delhi. These courses have multiple specialties like oral surgery, dental implants, periodontics, and prosthodontics. These courses can help you achieve specialty which is a major trend in the medical industry.

Other Courses

A wide range of opportunities lie in the dental departments in hospitals, dental clinics and nursing homes. Apart from this, the Forensic department needs dentists for identification of deceased through bite mark analysis, dental remains etc.

You can also choose to work as a Dental Hygienist or as Dental assistants to models and film artists.

Hence, there is absolutely no need to dishearten yourself post your BDS studies. You can choose your study mode from the above mentioned options. And while pursuing a diploma course you can research for further opportunities in the field and assess your options.


Do-it-yourself Zits Treatment options

Do-it-yourself Zits Treatment options : The way to Take action The correct way?

Phrase Rely:

Professionals point out zits cosmetic treatment options has to start with all the eating habits and also hygienic behavior. Next you can find over-the-counter medications accessible, which may have improved upon over time and also can lead to quick final results typically. Yet these items are usually productive inside �most cases� rather than in every situations. Regarding these kinds of exemptions � individuals who have knowledgeable allergies to be able to treatments or perhaps for anyone the dietary plan modifications usually do not perform � you need to try do-it-yourself zits treatment options. These kinds of alternating current…

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zits cosmetic treatment options

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Professionals point out zits cosmetic treatment options has to start with all the eating habits and also hygienic behavior. Next you can find over-the-counter medications accessible, which may have improved upon over time and also can lead to quick final results typically. Yet these items are usually productive inside �most cases� rather than in every situations. Regarding these kinds of exemptions � individuals who have knowledgeable allergies to be able to treatments or perhaps for anyone the dietary plan modifications usually do not perform � you need to try do-it-yourself zits treatment options. These kinds of zits cosmetic treatment options work well and also low-cost then one doesn’t have the particular assistance of your medical doctor to be able to give it a shot.

One of many successful do-it-yourself zits cosmetic treatment options will be purifying the particular cosmetic epidermis on a regular basis making use of natural cotton dropped inside alcohol consumption. The particular alcohol consumption not merely cleanses the particular tiny holes, just about all gets rid of the particular bacterias creating contamination. Yet be careful never to above take action since too much usage of alcohol consumption could cause epidermis irritability or perhaps result in skin to be able to peel from the lime.

Regarding someone creating a greatly slimy epidermis, making use of oats hide can lead to substantive final results. This kind of zits cosmetic therapy employs any stick regarding oats and also h2o, that your particular person must connect with his/her confront 2 times per day. Maintain the stick right now there around the confront regarding 15-20 moments so when the particular oats stick dries upwards, that starts off ingesting the extra acrylic from your epidermis. Right after eliminating the particular hide, rinse out properly together with cool h2o.

One more productive do-it-yourself zits cosmetic therapy could be the cosmetic hide produced making use of darling and also oatmeal. On this approach, grated the apple company will be blended with several teaspoon packed with darling as well as the producing stick will be utilized around the confront regarding 10 moments. Right after eliminating the particular hide, rinse out the facial skin together with hot water. Duplicate the task 2 times or perhaps three times weekly.

Tomato vegetables furthermore perform magic regarding slimy epidermis. Use mashed and also energy depleted tomato around the cosmetic epidermis regarding 10 minute and also rinse out properly together with hot water. Regarding far better final results, this kind of zits cosmetic therapy has to be completed each day one or more times.

Extreme care � When you have zits on your own confront, avoid pricking that along with your little finger claws. This kind of work can irritate the particular ailments more. When anybody therapy zits just isn’t functioning, try one more; yet pressing and also choosing on the inflammations may help none anyone or the particular condition.


Tips on how to Take away Your current Pimple

Tips on how to Take away Your current Pimple

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Pimple is surely an expected expertise for the majority of youngsters. It’s actually a widespread opposing forces on most over 16 along with ironically a consequence of expanding via little one for you to person. Even though it isn’t really fully preventable, you’ll find solutions to minimize someone’s pimple.

Physicians around the world are actually dealing with pimple for many years — many are generally used following pimple features commenced. Along with precisely what that they bring about is extremely good know-how, prescription drugs, advice on very good care, along with emotive assist that will realises that will a number of pimple is often a…

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Pimple is surely an expected expertise for the majority of youngsters. It’s actually a widespread opposing forces on most over 16 along with ironically a consequence of expanding via little one for you to person. Even though it isn’t really fully preventable, you’ll find solutions to minimize someone’s pimple.

Physicians around the world are actually dealing with pimple for many years — many are generally used following pimple features commenced. Along with precisely what that they bring about is extremely good know-how, prescription drugs, advice on very good care, along with emotive assist that will realises that will a number of pimple is often a standard portion of lifestyle. It’s unlikely that any on this allows your self-esteem as well as assurance in the kid whom constantly works with a new deal with inside hand mirror it doesn’t similar to. Consequently look at a number of more solutions to restriction your influence involving pimple in your own life. Mostly, manage one’s body. Which foodstuff do you think you’re having? The amount snooze does one find? Does one scrub which has a hypoallergenic cleansing soap? These kind of concerns are crucial versions. Foodstuff, by way of example, has a major element throughout pimple. Talk to your current medical doctor as well as on-line guidebook pertaining to additional guidelines nevertheless don’t forget that vegatables and fruits are generally just the thing for over only balanced your bones along with enamel — additionally, they bring about balanced skin color. In the same manner, enjoy your current absorption involving sweets along with created solutions using hefty gas as well as extra fat.

Yet another prevention evaluate should be to assessment along with taste Proactiv, Clearasil, and also other pimple elimination as well as eradication solutions and pay attention to in case any one these people be right for you. Determined by your epidermis variety, the pimple you’ve got, as well as precisely how one’s body takes action for you to distinct varieties of prescription medication, they could possibly have a new frugal profit in your case.

Last but not least, manage your current internal parts. Whatever influence pimple is wearing your current outside the house visual appeal within your teenage several years, merely you’ll be able to figure out how you really feel with regards to your current visual appeal plus your seems to be. I am just certainly not looking to lessen your emotive influence involving pimple, in particular when many of the surgical marks are generally everlasting, nevertheless visual appeal by yourself remains to be merely one component that will leads to someone’s assurance along with in the long run his or her entertainment involving along with good results throughout lifestyle. If you possibly could often try looking in your hand mirror along with declare “I similar to myself” as well as “I similar to whom I am just becoming”, pimple will not ascertain your current impression involving home. Accomplish your very best self in order to avoid as well as minimize acne’s influence on the physical aspect, please remember to keep up your current inside home also.


Social Phobia – Social Phobia Has Its Reasons

The DSM-IV, which is the bible of diagnostic descriptions for psychological ailments describes Social Phobia (which is also known as Social Anxiety Disorder ). It uses the following criteria:


  • A strongly repeated fear of at least one social or performance situation that involves facing strangers or being watched
  • There is often a particular fear of showing signs of anxiety such as blushing, trembling or sweating
  • The phobic situation almost always causes intense anxiety …sometimes leading to a panic attack.
  • The Socially Phobic person realizes that the fear is excessive
  • The person either avoids the situation or endures it with distress.


While these points provide a clear description of the characteristic patterns of Social Phobia as a disorder, they do not offer any explanation for why a person should react in this way.

Social Phobia has it’s reasons…
Social Phobia is not a medical condition or a disease that afflicts some unfortunate individuals by accident. It may surprise you to consider it in this way since social phobics tend more to worry about it in terms of what they cannot do, but Social Phobia is actually a purposeful interpersonal behavior.

Social Phobia is a form of self-overprotection from perceived social threats. In layman’s terms…. Social phobics are afraid of other people.


Personal Health Information – Keeping Tabs On Your Health In Texas

Your personal health information — do you know who has it or where to find it in Dallas, Houston or in the other Texas cities where you have lived? Do you have it? In most cases, a complete record of all of your personal health information can’t be found at any single location or in any consistent format. Each one of your healthcare providers (family practitioner, allergist, OB-GYN, etc.) compiles a separate medical record on you. And often times, these multiple medical records can lead to an incomplete story about your health.

Keeping your own personal health record (PHR) provides doctors with valuable information that can help improve the quality of care you receive. A PHR can minimize or eliminate duplicate tests. It can also help you receive faster, safer treatment and care in an emergency. In short, with a PHR, you can play a more active role in your healthcare.

Starting a Personal Health Record

Your health information is scattered across many different providers and facilities. A Personal Health Record is a collection of this information about your health or the health of someone you are caring for, such as a parent or child that you would actively maintain and update. The information comes from your healthcare providers, and most importantly, from you.

Why Start a PHR?

Your own PHR should provide a different perspective, showing all your health-related information. It can include any information that you think might affect your health, including information that your doctor may not have, such as your exercise routines, dietary habits, or glucose levels if you are diabetic.

In addition, the PHR is a critical tool that enables you to partner with your providers. It can reduce or eliminate duplicate procedures or processes, which can save healthcare dollars, as well as your time and the provider’s time.

What Should be in Your PHR?

When collecting information from your health records, make sure you include:

* Personal identification, including names, birth dates, and social security numbers

* Emergency contacts

* Names, addresses, and phone numbers of your physician, dentist, and other specialists

* Health insurance information

* Living wills and advance directives

* Organ donor authorization

* A list and dates of significant illnesses and surgeries

* Current medications and dosages

* Immunizations and their dates

* Allergies

* Important events, dates, and hereditary conditions in your family history

* A recent physical examination

* Opinions of specialists

* Important tests results

* Eye and dental records

* Correspondence between you and your provider(s)

* Correspondence between you and your health insurance company

* Permission forms for release of information, operations, and other medical procedures

* Any information you want to include about your health – such as your exercise regimen, any herbal medications you take and any counseling you may receive.