All you need to know about Bosch Season

What is Bosch season 4 all about:-

Starting with the first episode of season 4 we see Bosch trying hard to pursue the case of his mother’s murder where the murder of a powerful attorney hypes the city. Then in the second episode called dreams of Bunker Hill we see how Bosch pulls out all the possible ways to find about Elias murder and we also visualize Eleanor wish joining back in the federal bureau of investigation and jerry Edgar returning back to his job.

We then see a false alibi for which detective Santiago Robertson must put his personal relations aside and we see how Edgar is struggling to balance work and family together. In the 4th episode we see how detective Francis Sheehan tells the truth about his past to Bosch while Robertson starts suspecting about a mole in the department and how Elias’s murder creates tension leading Irving to intervene in the investigation.

In the following episode we witness how a brave soldier Bosch struggles to cope with the loss he has faced in the near past. And after a thorough investigation the task force comes down to two suspects.

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