Hidden Expedition – Devil’s Triangle Game Review

Devil’s Triangle continues the Hidden Expedition hidden objects game series that includes the award-winning Amazon game. From the roof of the world and the jungles of the Amazon, the Hidden Expedition Team now sets off for the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, where many planes and ships have disappeared over the years without a trace!

The game begins with a Hidden Expedition Team pilot experiencing problems while flying over the area in the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle. She crashes, legendarydevils but not before she manages to send a distress call back to headquarters. It now comes down to you and your team to head into the Bermuda Triangle and attempt to rescue your marooned teammate.

Devil’s Triangle marks a departure in style from the previous Hidden Expedition games. Where the previous games are basically hidden object scenes and puzzles set in an exotic location with hints of adventure, Devil’s Triangle behaves as a full-fledged adventure game with hidden object games and the many different types of puzzles behaving as plot points and challenges that advance the storyline.

You start off ready to board the submarine that will take you to the Bermuda Triangle. From the start, you are immediately confronted with a scene typical of the traditional hidden object genre, where you are presented with a list of items you need to find before you can proceed. What makes this game different is that completing the list usually won’t take you to the next level. You will need to analyze each scene and determine what objects you need to interact with in order to advance the story.

For example, to get the submarine ready, you will need to obtain the power cores, which in turn requires you to manipulate or interact with more objects. This is reminiscent of early computer adventure games such as King’s Quest where you need to use your imagination and skills, and interact with the right objects in order to proceed.

An additional interesting twist to the traditional hidden object puzzle is the “matching” puzzle introduced in Devil’s Triangle. Rather than looking for items on a list, you will need to observe a scene and pick out pairs of matching or related items. These pairs are not straightforward either. The easier levels will have simple pairs such as 2 different depictions of the moon. But more difficult levels will have more complex associations such as pairing a charging bull with a map of Spain.

There are also a whole heap of other mini-games and puzzles that help advance the storyline. Sonar not working? Search the sub for the right fuses, then attempt to re-align the power couplings in order to jumpstart the machine. Most of these puzzles also do not come with step-by-step instructions. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is trying to figure out what you are meant to do with the puzzle!

While the puzzles and mini-games are engaging in their own right, the game also introduces you to mythical locales and mysterious characters that make the story even more immersive. Pirates, sea monsters, eccentric islanders and steampunk contraptions all create an atmosphere that is engrossing and enjoyable.

In addition, the graphics and artwork in this game do not disappoint in the least. The animated portions of the game feel like a Saturday morning cartoon, while the artwork for the puzzles and hidden object scenes are gorgeous and evoke the mysterious atmosphere of the Bermuda Triangle.

If you like the Hidden Expedition series and are ready for their 4th and most ambitious outing yet, Devil’s Triangle will definitely not disappoint. Rescue your teammate and discover a 400-year-old mystery that surrounds this legendary stretch of ocean!

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