Car Buying Tips – Buying a Car in United States Instead of Canada

It’s a hot topic right now, the topic of buying a car in United States instead of Canada. Many Canadian’s in the market for a new car see the differences in MSRP (manufaacturer’s suggested retail price) between a car in Canada and the same car in the United States. That difference in many cases makes the case of buying a car in the United States instead of Canada that much stronger and many are making the hop over the border or researching online to check things out.

Buying a car in United States isn’t product-evaluation as easy as it may seem. Many Canadian’s think all they have to do is buy the car, pay the duty and voila they are on their way to saving HUGE!

In addition to the paying of the duty there are a few other hurdles Canadian’s have to overcome when. Here is just a quick low down of what you need to consider if you are thinking about buying a new car:

1. Dealerships have a franchise agreement which prohibits them from selling cars to anyone outside of the country. I have heard stories of people actually finding dealerships who will break their franchise agreements, but it is a challenge.

2. The new car you buy is going to be cash because you won’t be able to qualify for US financing or leasing rates and any rebates are not applicable to you.

3. If you were contemplating on using your current car as a trade you might face a challenge again. The US market if “fat” with used cars and may not even want to consider your car in the deal.

4. If you live close to a border crossing then making the trek over a few times isn’t such a hardship for you, but, if you leave further away plan on making a few weekend trips and add that expense into the mix.

5. If you are thinking about buying a car in the United States instead of Canada know that there are equipment modifications you need to make to the vehicle you can check them out here Buying a car in United States instead of Canada []

6. Check with Transport Canada and Canada Customs to make sure the car you are looking at Buying a car in United States instead of Canada [] is admissible into Canada and what other documentation you need.

7. If you are looking at buying a used car the hoops and jumps aren’t as great but check and make sure.

Buying a car in United States instead of Canada may seem better when comparing MSRPs between the United States and Canada but there is a lot more you need to consider. Make sure you do your research not only on the car but also what requirements you need to look at.

Dennise Ryder writes from her home in Toronto, Canada. Car shopping can be a daunting task and no doubt we want to make the BEST deal possible. Do your research, take the time and read more car shopping and car buying tips

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