Hair Straightener Essentials

In the last five to seven years, straight hair has rocked the runway and suburbia alike. From supermodels to actresses to girls next door, showcasing long, smooth, sleek hair is in. Permed or poufy hair is most decidedly out.

Some people, particularly people with some Asian heritage, are born with the texture and versatility straight hair offers. While our mothers or grandmothers may have used an actual iron to flatten their tresses on ironing boards, these days we have modern tools like hair straighteners to help get the job done.

Hair straighteners vary from the old original flat iron in significant ways. First, the tools offer variable heat temperatures, none of which reach the great heights as clothes irons. Second, the tools are constructed to fit easily in your hand. At no time is there any danger of the broad heating surface coming in contact with your face. While the plates wrap a bit around the edge and can warm up your ear if held too closely, the potential for damage is much lower.

Old irons also had a tendency to singe hair, breaking it off and generally leaving it coarse and unhealthy-looking. Thanks to ceramic and silicone materials, today’s hair straighteners heat evenly and provide a much smoother surface. Using a gliding motion with your hand, you can surround a section of hair near the roots and glide the hair straightener to the end with little to no snagging.

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