What things inspire you to create art?

My very first painting in acrylic was at the age of ten. My Uncle Ron, now retired as a commercial artist for an airline, gave me tips on drawing horses. He lived far from us, so I began practicing over and over, so that when he came back for a visit I was ready with my art, to get his critique. I was so thrilled when he told me I was now doing horses better than him! I realize now how he was encouraging me because I still have that first horse in my portfolio book 1971 and I can tell now that poor horse had some issues. I have to say, for a shy girl, that was the spark to light the fire which I have felt within me since as far back as I can recall.

What things inspire you to create art?

First of all the world around me, My granddaughter who is my light, my country, my family, music, sunset, sunrise, a great mountain view or a picnic by the lake. All these and more.

What are you trying to convey through your art? What does it mean to you?

I guess in light of all the bad going on in the world I would hope someone, in viewing my art could have a warm sweet feeling to take away with them. I hope it reminds them of the things we have here and need to appreciate, that don’t cost a dime. I hope to take the viewer to a simple place in time and in all my art I leave a object sometimes easy to find sometimes hard to find which I save for the viewer to find.

Tell me about influences:

Firstly my sis and my Uncle Ron. Some of the greats, Norman Rockwell; and the late painter of lights Thomas Kinkade, who inspired a series of watercolor paintings I did called “lights out” which is all natural lights in the night skies.

Tell me about your creative process, from the beginning of a work to its completion:

OK it may seem like a crazy frenzy, but many times I will sketch out things over and over and then it comes to me – what to paint. I guess If I had to think about my process it would be first, to get my canvas ready and primed. Then if I am doing, for instance, a lake I will lay out my lines just to know where things will go, and figure in which way the light is coming and where my shadows are. And then I begin painting. I am hoping to get more equipment so I can go to locations and paint more landscapes in open air.

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