In Vehicle Monitoring Systems For Safety, Security, Productivity and Loss Prevention

It’s really quite a thing to spend large amounts of money on one or more commercial vehicles, only to hand the keys over to somebody who doesn’t own it – somebody who probably has no real stake in how their driving behaviour is going to impact upon the vehicle’s lifespan, nor in whether or not everything they use the vehicle for is genuinely productive. Yet businesses do this all the time.


Well, for a long time, most businesses had no real alternative – short of sitting in the passenger seat for the entirety of every journey, all you could really do was trust in your worker’s good judgement and hope they weren’t going to take too many unauthorised detours to have lunch with friends or run some personal errands while driving your vehicle and earning your dollar.

Luckily, you no longer have to actually be in the vehicle to know at all times precisely where it is and how it’s being driven. An In Vehicle Monitoring System, or IVMS for short, uses an electronic device contained within one or several vehicles to communicate the vehicle’s location and other data to the office or other base of operation.

An IVMS can help you identify and control the inappropriate driving behaviours that would otherwise cause avoidable wear and tear on your precious mobile asset. Harsh braking, over revving, speeding and other behaviours can all contribute to increased running and repair costs, and a reduced working lifespan of the vehicle.

An IVMS can also be indispensable to identify and control inappropriate or unauthorised usage of your vehicle. Even the most conscientious worker might occasionally feel tempted to take an unscheduled detour while they’re on the clock – driving your vehicle and earning your dollar – to meet with a friend or to run some sort of personal errand. How much greater is this temptation going to be when they know for a fact that nobody back at the office would be any the wiser that they could just blame traffic conditions or some other delay and nobody would be in any position to say a word against it? With an IVMS in place, the vehicle is tracked at all times, removing temptations to use your vehicle inappropriately and ensuring that all use of the vehicle is authorised and productive. Further productivity benefits can be gained by identifying which routes are more or less efficient, identifying bottlenecks, and also by alerting loading bay workers or others of the vehicle’s imminent arrival.

Constantly tracking your vehicle’s location also has obvious benefits should the vehicle ever be stolen.

GPS vehicle tracking also helps provide safety and peace of mind to lone workers driving in remote locations. If the very worst were to happen, and they were to have an accident, you would at least be alerted to the accident immediately, and know exactly where it happened.


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