XELR8 Your Income With 8 Super Fruits

The latest buzz around the network marketing arena is “8 super fruits”. What the heck are those and how can they make me money? Great questions! “Superfruit” is a recently coined term to describe a fruit or berry that has high nutritional properties. As Americans, we are really just now becoming aware of the tremendous role that they play in our health and dietary needs. Unusually high in antioxidants, the “superfruit” is also packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that our body requires on a daily basis to stay healthy. Fruits and berries like Chinese jujube, mangosteen, acai, goji, pomegranate, sea buckthorn, blueberry and raspberries. Wouldn’t you rather have a shot or two of a tasty superfruit  bazinga beverage a day or try to swallow pills and capsules.

Sometimes I wonder if those pills even dissolve and the nutrients are absorbed. How does this information lead to you making money and accelerating your income? Well, unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you probably have heard about the “juice wars” going on in the nutritional markets all over the world. Most of these juices contain one or more of the superfruits that aid in supplementing nutrients to your diet and surprise, surprise many of them even taste good! Terrific!

Now I’m not a doctor, scientist, researcher or nutritionist, but I know that I do like to make money and increasing my income drinking a tasty, healthy beverage is even better. Let me make myself clear, here, I am not talking about selling juice to anyone. I know that I don’t want to do that and I am quite sure that you don’t either. I am talking strictly consumption. Like stopping by the Winn Dixie, buying a quart of milk, bringing it home and drinking it. The difference here is that Winn Dixie doesn’t pay me anything to recommend that milk to my next door neighbor, Fred. When Fred goes and buys that milk and brings it home, the only one who makes money is Winn Dixie! I would like to get a piece of that pie.

So, now that you understand that referral marketing is a good thing, let’s talk about how you get compensated. In the network marketing world, this is called the comp plan. If you want to make money this is the most crucial piece of information that you need. You need a comp plan that makes sense for you, the little guy, not the company. Remember, YOU are number one! What is in it for YOU, my friend? It gets even better if you can find a company that sends you a Master Card / Debit Card and fills it weekly. No waiting around for 60 days to get a check that you have to deposit at the bank. I have done due diligence over many years and have come up with the best of both worlds. I call it Jungle Juice because it is a mixture of many different superfruits, but in fact it is BAZI, a nutritional juice by XELR8. There are many tasty juices on the market today, but for my money I choose to XELR8 my income.

Denise Clarke is a retired paramedic/firefighter. As VP of Discount Marketing Corp, she has re-invented herself as a successful marketer, writer and blogger. For information on Bazi go to:


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