How to Write 23,000 Online Articles Without Cheating

Is it possible to write tens of thousands of articles without using ghost writers, derivative software, or go hog-wild rewriting 100s of previously written articles over and over again? That is the question, it’s one I’ve been asked many times, no, not in that exact question but in so many words. I am often asked how is it possible to write so many articles without using PLR content, or hiring a team of writers. The reality is that anything is possible, but it’s hard work. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer humans in our society are willing to work hard, to go the extra mile, and to do it right.

Far too many people are looking for a shortcut, they’re looking to find an easier way, and they want to get rich without putting in the labor, the brainpower, or the time commitment. Life doesn’t work that way. Yes, there are a few folks who got lucky starting computer type businesses, as they were just in the right place at the right time, made all the right decisions, and totally exploited the opportunity to the maximum. Indeed, I would say; good for them, but those exceptions are far and few between, and the reality is – there is no easy way, it takes hard work.

What I have found is there are far too many online article marketers trying to take shortcuts, and not giving their 110% effort. Luckily, I haven’t seen any of them rewarded for taking shortcuts, or doing what I called cheating, which is using some of the methods I mentioned in the first paragraph. Nevertheless, there are folks out there who pretend they have the secret to writing tens of thousands of articles, and making hundreds of thousands of dollars online selling trinkets, or setting up a website or blog with nothing more than advertising hoping to make trickle payments.

Sometimes I feel as if people are trying so hard to cheat the system, or to find a shortcut, or an easy way that they fail to utilize their time properly to do it right. Perhaps you’ve had the conversation before that it’s unfortunate that criminals come up with such brilliant scams, and then end up going to jail when they get caught. And if you consider them using that level of thinking and gift of having that type of mind; well they could have easily made money in a legitimate business. So, I ask why did they do it dishonestly, when they could have done it with integrity?

One thing I’ve always wondered is; what is it about human nature that causes people to go out of their way to cheat, so far out of their way in fact, that they spend all their time and energy trying to manipulate the system, rather than doing it correctly. Okay so, the title of this article is how to write 23,000 articles online without cheating. There’s only one person I know who knows the answer to that, and that person happens to me, and I’m here to tell you that it’s hard work. But if you care to know how to do it, and you promise to do it ethically, I’ll be glad to explain:

1.) Spend two or three hours a day studying your particular industry, reading the newspaper, and doing personal research online.
2.) Spend 20 or 30 minutes each day writing down potential titles of articles to write, perhaps do this while having a cup of coffee.
3.) Take each of those titles and create word files. Put the title of each potential article that you plan on writing at the top of one word file, one title per each, then close out the word files and save them.
4.) Get yourself a really good voice recognition software program so you can increase your speed of writing by two thirds.
5.) Reopen all the word files you created, and put 3 to 4 sentences about what you plan on writing about regards to each of the titles you have created.
6.) After you have 12 to 20 word files with titles and notations on them, you are ready to start writing the articles.
7.) Open 5-10 articles at a time, and write them using your voice recognition software. After you complete each article close it out and save it, and go to the next until you are completed. This will take anywhere from 1-2 hours per 10-articles.
8.) Wait for a few hours, and go do something else, then open 5 to 10 articles again, and read them through editing the mistakes. This will take you about 5-10 minutes per each article. There will be some mistakes because the voice recognition software doesn’t always grab every word correctly, because often you don’t pronounce the words perfectly. The more you practice and the more you train your voice software the better both you and the AI computer software will get.
9.) Open each article one at a time and post them on an online article directory. Don’t waste your time posting articles to multiple directories – just pick the very best one and post your articles there.
10.) Continue repeating this process each and every day, until you reach your goal.
11.) Set achievable goals such as 100 articles per month, or 300 articles per quarter.

Okay so, that’s how I do it, that’s what works, and that’s what has worked for me. It took me about 5000 articles before I figured out the most efficient and productive way to do this. It wasn’t until I had 8000 articles that I got proficient with speech recognition software. So, this isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s not magic, and it’s not some silly secret method to writing online articles – rather it was learned through trial and error and lots of hard work.

Now, I’ve seen other folks promise that they will make new online articles successful in online article marketing for a fee. The prices and strategies range from buying an online e-book for $39 to personal telephone consulting at over $1000/hour. Still, no matter whom you follow, or whose advice you take, it’s still going to be hard work. I have seen a few decent programs out there, but a word of advice, make sure you trust the source first, before giving them your hard earned money, because if you don’t trust the source they may just be selling you your dream back to you with no substance.

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