Why Drug Charges Require a Good Criminal Lawyer

There are a number of types of charges that can be filed against someone regarding illegal drugs and controlled substances. Anyone facing drug charges needs the services of a criminal lawyer, since the penalties are high. Drug convictions involve jail time, fines, probation or a combination of any or all of these penalties. Whether the defendant is guilty or innocent of the charges, they still need someone to protect their rights. Good drug possession lawyers will secure the best outcome possible for their clients.

Illegal substances include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and Ecstasy. Also illegal is the use or possession of drugs which are limited in use and quantity by prescription. If someone has another person’s prescription medications, they can be charged with a crime. Forging a prescription or falsifying prescription information is also grounds for drug charges.

Individuals allegedly found to have illegal drugs can be charged with possession. The range in penalties vary, depending on the state where this happens. Someone can be charged with possession simply by having or using an illegal drug. The amount of drugs someone allegedly has in their possession affects the type of charges filed. There are different limit amounts for different types of substances. Typically, when someone possesses more than they could possibly use for themselves in a short amount of time, they are charged with possession with the intent to distribute. This is a higher charge with higher penalties, and more at stake if the individual is convicted.

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