Why ALL Webmasters Must Have a Website Insurance Policy

Are you a webmaster or an owner of a website? Yes, please read on. No, then skip this now.

OK, since you said you own a website, let me ask you again, “Have you lost your website/s before?”

If your answer is NO, then you are a lucky fellow. Go on and have a good life. ;o)

If YES, then you got to read this sobitech article seriously. Promise, I won’t bore you with fluffs and stuffs. It will just be 137 seconds flat read of no-holds-barred webmaster ranting on the importance of website insurance.

OK. Here we go…

For a moment, let this sentence stick to your mind.

“The risk of losing my website(s) is my responsibility as a webmaster.”

Read it again if you have to.


Sounds cool eh? Yes, the risk of losing your website is always (take note – always) on your hands. Not your programmer’s hands, not your designer’s not even with your mom. You can’t blame your webhost, your cat or your dog for this.

Why is it important for you to know that as a webmaster (as the creator and author of the website(s) you call your own), you are solely responsible to whatever success of your website(s) (and its downfall too)?

Because once you created something, you, as the creator, should have full control over it even if you delegate that responsibility on it to others.

Say you hire a webmaster or a programmer to update your website(s) for you, you are still fully responsible. If you own the site/domain and you make the last say on what to do with it, then you are still the master of it.

The concept of ownership is important here because the solution that ensures your website’s existence is in your very hands.

This is a solution that is often ignored, always the subject of pointing fingers (between you and your host or you and your hired webmaster) and yet it is your only insurance in case of website disasters.

And that solution, my friend, is simply doing WEBSITE BACKUPS.

Sorry I have to make it all CAPS to reiterate to you that it’s not only important, it’s a must have by all webmasters. It’s pretty basic and simple but the lack of it is deadly to your online presence.

Imagine if you lose your website today simply by server meltdowns, DOS attacks, hacking problems, server hard disk crashes, suspension or deletion by your host and many other disastrous situations you wouldn’t want to imagine.

Are you ready for these? Are you ready to throw away that easily years/months of painstaking work, cash and time investments and earning potentials of your website(s)?

Online catastrophes can happen anytime, even now as you read this. It’s a sad reality that we, as webmasters, have to face daily. Murphy’s law can always work against you and me, you know that.

So, do you really have backups of your websites and databases? Do you have website insurance?

Remember, we are solely responsible for your websites. Not our webhost. Not our programmer friend. YOU and ME!

And lo and behold, backups are good for your health too. Backing up your websites not only will give you security but also peace of mind. Everyone wants to feel secure and calm. I am sure you want to sleep tight at night, right? It’s cool for the soul and great for the body.

Now, do you know what to do next? Great! Go for it today.

Create your website backups now after reading this. It’s your best insurance to online success.

Manny R. Jao II is self-taught webmaster whose aim is to improve the lives and working habits of other netrepreneurs just like him. He is the developer and owner of the first automated backup software for CPanel-powered websites named CPSiteSaver which you can now download at



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