Should Psychic Mediums Charge For Their Work?

When you start working in the Spiritual field it is very difficult to know a) whether to charge for your services and b) how much to charge. Here are some ideas that might help you to make your own personal decision.

If you are independently wealthy or only want to do the work as a hobby because you have other income, then there is only one reason to charge for your work – to prevent people from relying on you to make all their decisions, all the time. Giving away your abilities free can create a dependency from those around you that isn’t healthy for them.

This is because they can afford to ask you for help every step of the way through their lives on every single decision they need to make. This doesn’t empower people and surely the aim of anyone who seeks to help others should be to empower not dis-empower them?

When it comes to Mediumship, if you don’t charge you may find that a bereaved person will come back to you again and again for ‘just another message to put my mind at rest’ and this isn’t healthy for them. Charging can make a person think twice about having too many Readings too quickly and that can help them to heal their grief and move on, rather than trap them in a cycle of grief-message-grief-message.

If you don’t need the money for yourself the best way to handle things is to have a charity tin or two and let people put a donation in the box. That way you’re keeping your conscience pure, they will have to think about whether they really need a Reading, and you’re both doing someone else some good.

What about Spiritual workers who do choose to charge? Frankly they have that right.

Just because an ability is natural it doesn’t mean that you can’t choose it as a career. People in a variety of careers from footballer to singer, doctor to policeman, normally have a natural aptitude or ability for their profession. Those who don’t rarely succeed.


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