Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King

Almost everyone is searching for ways to be happy. What most don’t realize is that if they choose, they can be happy right now in this very minute. Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King takes a serious, spiritual approach toward finding yourself and finding happiness. It is perfect for those who feel like they are on a search for who they are as well as where they belong. It is designed to help people find out the answers to many of the questions that no one has ever been able to answer, up until now.

People often believe that they are supposed to be a certain way because of what they were raised to believe. Ultimately, this type of belief causes people to develop close-minded ways of thinking that limit them from ever finding who they are as individual. This type of thinking causes people to end up like those that taught them that belief, which is usually their parents and other relatives. Fortunately, everyone is a unique individual with their own set of beliefs, and although you may not have embraced who you truly are, Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King teaches you that it is never too late to begin now.

This guide teaches you how to let go of the beliefs that were drilled into your mind as a child. The ways of thinking that you’ve developed over the years have most likely not served any purpose other than holding you back from true happiness. What most people don’t understand is that while it’s perfectly okay for them to believe what they were taught while growing up, it’s not okay to force those negative belief’s on others. Perhaps you parents and other relatives taught you things that were false such as, “you’ll never succeed at that, it’s just not in your blood”, or “people in this family don’t make it far”, or “you’ve got to be really smart to do that”, and other negative connotations.

You don’t have to worry about going back and reliving your past just to dig and find out where you lost your happiness. Many people find that after listening to Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King, they’ve never truly been happy to begin with because they weren’t embracing their true nature.

As children, we’re all happy. Unfortunately, children are surrounded by miserable adults who without realizing it, turn their children into miserable adults as well with the same belief’s and thought patterns. You might find yourself really wanting to do more with your life, but you can’t because you’re too busy making excuses as to why you can’t. Without embracing who you are as a person and what you want, happiness is next to impossible. It’s almost as if everyone has personally built their own prison’s and their refusing to escape out of fear. Fear of what? Most of the time, fear of rejection, failure, and yes, the fear of finally letting go and experiencing true happiness. Who cares what others think?

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