Why Pay For Web Tools If You Can Use Google

Many people get caught up on the thought that they must have to pay for certain web tools for the proper development of their website. They usually overlook some resources which you could freely use without having to pay anything at all, sometimes a lot of people know about this resources but they think that because they are free they probably don’t work as well.

I have been in the development of website businesses for a long time I have tried a lot of things, justmyfitness a lot of different services. I used to have that same thought on free and paid things, we usually always think like that, but since the internet is a very weird place you can come across some free offers that usually beat the paid offers. A clear example of this scenario is the free services for webmasters offered by Google, I mean you can probably find everything you need to properly run your website.

Some of the great tools offered by Google are things like the Google analytics service which allows you to check the amount of traffic that your website receives, which keywords or which sources got them there, the location from where your visitors are coming, and many other things that will help you to improve your website to make money. You can also use the sitemap generator, the AdWords keyword external tool to identify great niches and great keywords, you can also use for the same objective services such as Google insights or Google trends, I mean there a lot of different things that webmasters can get from Google for free to improve their web businesses to make money more effectively and a lot faster.

Believe me I have used web tools which I paid for and I used free web tools provided by Google, and Google, at least for me has been the best option, because it’s free and because the tools that they allow you to use for free probably work better than the other options.

I’ve always been interested in finding new ways to make money fast [] online and offline, i’m a devoted entrepreneur interested in helping other people achieve their financial success.



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