Learn Your Urban Survival Skills

If you want expand your knowledge of survival techniques and methods for the urban environment, the best place to start is with first aid and medical training. You can go to the Red Cross’s website for information on the training they give. You put your zip code in the box on the main page and it will take you to your area to see what is available.

They give courses ranging from first aid and CPR
Survival Skills to caregiving to water safety. These classes may have to be given to a group as opposed to personal training but would be worth checking on. Maybe your workplace would be interested in setting up a class for its employees. Look on line for first aid training, you are going to find lots of info that you can use. If you have a local volunteer fire department, try to get with them for some training and experience.

Learn self defense tactics through a martial arts program of some type and learn how to shoot if you are not doing so already. You should at least have a handgun for self defense and learn how to use it. Your local shooting range should give classes for safety and correct shooting skills.

Can you predict the weather? Some people can tell the upcoming weather by reading the types of clouds and reading barometric pressure and such. This would be a good skill to know so you can get some idea what kind of weather is coming if we don’t have use of meteorologist.

Try to get training in the above skills plus anything else you feel would be needed. These would not only be useful to you but those around you as well.

Do you prepare for what may happen unexpectedly? You can never know when some unforeseen incident will catch you off guard. For more information on improving your urban survival skills go to Urban Survival Preparation. You will find some of the best book resources available. Learn all you can about being prepared for the future.



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