Home Business Leads – Creating Landing Pages

Making money from a home business requires home business leads and a creative and informative landing page where potential customers can leave their name and email and know that someone will contact them and begin building a relationship with them.

In many ways landing pages are the most important elements of any campaign to generate leads and optimize advertising for a business since they are the first page in that process. The fact that Google has begun to evaluate these pages is significant because their response to a page often determines the success or failure of an ad campaign.

It is also important that landing pages be actual pages not a type of opt-in because authentic pages have an actual response rate of about 20% as opposed to pop-up pages with only a 5% response rate. If financially feasible the best way for a home business entrepreneur to realize the “perfect” landing page is to use a professional web page designer who will be attentive to the owner’s desires and ideas. The owner of the landing page should have full control of all pictures, titles, banners, calls to action, thiết kế landing page sáng tạo and everything else needed to bring in home business leads.

To determine what information should be included on a landing page the designer / owner needs to think like a potential customer and determine what he or she as an actual customer would need to know in order to make an educated decision about whether or not to buy the product advertised. It would be advisable to also ask others what information they might need to make a decision about buying the product.

After having put on the website all the information needed to make an informed decision about the product it will be necessary to have forms on the landing pages so that customers can request more information or opt-in. Since many people don’t like filling in forms on the internet it is best to ask for only absolute essentials; however if more than basic information is needed then whatever information is not absolutely necessary should be made optional.



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