Best Hair Straightener For Professional Styling Results

There are so many different hair straighteners out there it can be hard to figure out which one you should choose. Some of the more expensive options really can be better than the cheaper options, but not everyone can afford these. At a bare minimum there are some features that you should make sure your straightener has available.

One of the things you need to consider when you are deciding how to chose a hair straightener is how you are going to use it. If you are just going to use it to straighten best hair tools your hair you have more options than if you would like to use it as an all around styling tool and to create flips, curls, and waves as well as straightening your hair. For multiple styling purposes you should usually stick with the 1″ size. If you have really long, thick, or curly hair that you want to quickly straighten, a 2″ size might be able to do this more quickly, but it won’t be as useful for creating other styles.

Another thing that is important in deciding how to chose a hair straightener is the availability of different settings and features. You want to have multiple heat settings so that you can minimize any damage done to your hair by using the lowest setting that will straighten your hair. You also want to have a swivel cord to keep you from getting tangled up when you are trying to straighten your hair. You want to have an auto shut off feature for safety reasons as well. That way if you accidentally leave it on it will shut itself off within a short time. You want these features at a minimum.

Another important thing to consider when choosing the best hair straightener involves the material it is made out of. The best straighteners are those that have either titanium or ceramic plates with tourmaline, but these tend to be the most expensive. Those without the tourmaline are the next best bet if you can afford them. You don’t want to buy a straightener that only has a coating because these can chip or wear off and then catch on your hair and break it. If you can’t afford the more expensive options be sure that you use heat treatment products before using your straightener as this will minimize damage to your hair.

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