Atheism – A Dreadful Concept

Surely Allah Ta’ala has made us for His love. He is a definitive preeminent force and He has the power over each and every animal. Skepticism is an idea which refutes the idea of God. It is a philosophy that bolsters that this world came in to being by some coincidence and there is no force controlling it.

One can’t envision that how unfeeling and terrible the idea of agnosticism is. The idea advances consuming the time on earth as per one’s own will. Obviously on the off chance that somebody is imagining that there is no God, how might he prevent himself from disasters as he would have no feeling of responsibility?

Quran clarifies wonderfully the presence of Allah as Allah Ta’ala states in Surah Taha: “Verily I am thy Lord! Consequently (in My essence) put off thy shoes: thou workmanship in the hallowed valley Tuwa.” Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallaho anho) an extremely close friend of Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) acknowledged Islam subsequent to tuning in to the great Ayats (sections) of Surah Taha.

Clearly without a maker this world can’t run, Allah Ta’ala is a definitive maker. He clarifies plainly about His manifestations in Surah Yaseen as Allah says in Quran:

Greatness to Allah, Who made two by two everything that the earth produces, just as their own (mankind and (other) things of which they have no information. What’s more, a Sign for them is the Night: We pull out in this manner the Day, and observe they are plunged in obscurity; And the sun runs his course for a period decided for him: that is the announcement of (Him), the Exalted in Might, the All-Knowing. Also, the Moon, – We have estimated for her houses (to navigate) till she returns like the old (and wilted) lower some portion of a date-tail.

This is sufficient verification to persuade somebody that Allah Ta’ala is the maker of every single thing. The idea of secularism is against the nature, rationale and thinking. Above all else the thought can’t acquire harmony and equity a general public as individuals would have no dread in busy.

Recall there is a contrast among skepticism and Shirk (accepting another person has incomparable force as well or making incorrectly relationship with Allah, for example, Hazard Isa (AS) is the child of Allah and so on) Secularism denies through and through that there is no God. Regardless of somebody is associated with skepticism or Shirk, the two classifications are not satisfactory and Allah Ta’ala would not pardon both the classes. Allah Ta’ala has made hellfire for kufars and nonbelievers.

Quran discusses the individuals of deception that they will go in hellfire as Quran says: And without a doubt, We have made a considerable lot of the jinn and humankind for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they comprehend not, and they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (reality). They resemble steers, nay much more adrift; those! They are the careless ones”

May Allah shields us from deceptions and show leniency toward us. So be it.

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