Get Involved in Your Hampton Roads Community

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have settled in Hampton Roads for several years, there are several opportunities to get involved in your community. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and other towns in this metropolitan area offer a number of business and volunteer programs in which you and your family can take part. In addition to serving others in need of help, you are able to make social connections that could prove valuable in the future.

Community Groups of Hampton Roads

The seven cities offer a number Seven Cities Virginia of organizations for people interesting in helping the greater metropolitan area and networking for business purposes. Depending on where you live, some of these groups may have requirements for membership. It is highly recommended to research which groups are the best fit for your talents and schedule.

Some places where you wish to offer your time and energy include:

The Norfolk Jaycees – This leadership development organization welcomes new members ages 21 – 40 to participate in a variety of service projects and business training seminars around the city.

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce – Expanding its reach throughout the Tidewater area, the Hampton Roads chamber works to foster strong leadership values and marketing for its members.

Toastmasters – For decades, Toastmasters Internationals has assisted leaders in business and community with improving communication skills. Area 12 Toastmasters supports the Upper Peninsula of Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg.

Scouting Organizations – You won’t find better groups that instill respect, patriotism, and charity than the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. With several troops set up throughout the area, adult volunteers are needed to help these school-age kids achieve their goals.

Of course, this list doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what’s available in Hampton Roads for you to join. If you feel a calling to give your time to others – be it working a few hours in a library or distributing suppers to those less fortunate – there is a non-profit in the area in need of extra hands. Take a look around your neighborhood and see what is there for you, and consider what you have to offer.

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