Air Canada and Great Customer Service

The return trip was the place where AC truly shone through. Upon registration at Houston, we were educated our AC flight was postponed by several hours. Our flight was to take us from Houston to Calgary and afterward on to Edmonton. Being the astute explorer I am (keen = ex-Air Canada representative) I understood that our association in Calgary would have been missed. I immediately called AC reservations to re-book us on a later flight. I was educated that the two leftover departures from Calgary to Edmonton that night where full, in any case, they would re-book us for the following morning flight. Presently here’s the place where things can get convoluted – with who is paying for an overnight lodging stay due to a misconnect. Above all, let me continue…..

The airplane showed up into Houston two hours deferred from planned flight. During our stand by the door specialist was useful and supportive with any inquiries travelers posed. At the point when the boarding started the entryway specialist genuinely communicated her apologizes for AC for the postponement of the airplane. Once installed the airplane the airline steward communicated her apologizes for the postponed flight, and once we were level at 35,000 feet the skipper came over the radio with his apologizes and clarification of the deferred airplane (debilitated first official – elusive substitution during the special seasons – ah-ha not climate related so AC pays for the time being lodging). Here’s the place where it truly gets exciting…complimentary drinks on the trip back to Canada!

After arriving in Calgary, outfitted with some fluid boldness, my family and I are prepared to kill the main mythical beast that denies us a paid lodging night stay. However, oh dear, no requirement for drawn blades as AC is all set (with grins) for the hindered travelers from Houston. Lodging reservations have been orchestrated, transport is outside pausing, and dinner vouchers for dinner and breakfast are passed out (with grins).

The lodging was perfect and agreeable, the food scrumptious, and we had a decent night’s rest. In the first part of the day we were given the following test, we were educated the van from the lodging to the air terminal was completely reserved. The lodging work area specialist educated us that a taxi had been requested for us and that AC will discount us the taxi charge. Truly? AC will discount the taxi charge on the grounds that the bus’ full? We’ll see…

When the taxi stored us at the air terminal, taxi receipt close by, my decided accomplice strolls over to the AC tagging counter, clarifies our circumstance and presents the taxi receipt. The iTune playing in my mind as I watch: “sorry we can’t give you a discount for the taxi, yet here is the location in Montreal to compose a letter and request a discount.” However, incredibly and stun, my accomplice meets us at the registration line up with a credit voucher clarifying that the ticket specialist didn’t have money to give for the discount yet when we show up in Edmonton to take the voucher to a ticket specialist and they will discount us our passage. We show up Edmonton, I go to the ticket specialist and sure as flies to…well, you understand what I mean; cash discounted.

Being an ex-Canadian Airlines/Air Canada worker trapped in the consolidation, I saw both within and outside of a despondent labor force, travelers and faint lit future. Presently, seven years in the wake of leaving Air Canada, I have an alternate 30,000 foot perspective on the aircraft.

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