What Is the Cost of Diabetes to Your Life?

When considering the effect Type 2 diabetes has on an individual there are several different aspects to consider. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed the damage that ensues is not only directly related to blood sugar levels. The cost of diabetes to an individual is actually much higher.

First, take a look at it from a health standpoint: If Type 2 diabetes is left to itself an entire avalanche of conditions occur. There are the most obvious ones such as frequent hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, which occurs when blood sugar drops below normal levels (often resulting from taking too much insulin, poor diet, or when sugar is used too quickly by your body). Or the individual can experience hyperglycemia, which occurs when sugar levels rise too dramatically.

A diabetic can also look forward to constantly having their everyday health interfered with:


  • frequent exhaustion, even after a full nights sleep, can leave the following day less than productive
  • mood swings
  • bouts of depression
  • becoming angry from not eating
  • the frustration of feeling hungry right after eating, and
  • sugar cravings


…are all things that alter your day.

Now, take work into account: Whether it is conducted at home or from an outside employer, work is a necessary activity. But diabetes also affects this part of our lives, too. From depression to not being able to think clearly, and even feeling lethargic, these are all symptoms of diabetes. Mood swings and impaired judgment can also wreak havoc in the work place. And lets not forget blurred vision to add to the mix.

Often, those who have Type 2 diabetes are overweight and do not exercise regularly: Plus, they are more likely to have developed abdominal fat. All three of these factors can escalate into other more serious conditions. Of course, being overweight carries a host of side effects, none of which are pleasant. From stroke, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer… carrying excess weight on your body can escalate into a vast array of other conditions.

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