Wedding Chair Covers – Add Sophistication

Wedding chair covers are decorations for the bride and grooms reception. They are slip covers the slide over mundane chairs and brighten them up for a wedding.


There are several types; usually they are made from linen or a linen look material. Some are very decorative and come beaded with large lavish bows across the back. Some are very simple and elegant. There are many that are made from a polyester blend made to look like linen, silk and satin.

Making Them

There are patterns available for making them, the patterns are easy to follow and can result in easy to customize ones. There are some very standard patterns available to make them at home. Some of the patterns only call for the top portion of the chair to be covered and there is usually a bow that sits at the back of the chair.


They can be rented for usually a very nominal fee. It is a simple process and can save the work of trying to stitch together. There are businesses that will rent them as well as all the table linen that is used for a wedding. This is a great option if a lot of the wedding is a do it yourself project. They can be a nice extra touch to make the wedding look a bit more professional.


Purchasing is not really patterned chair covers  recommended because it is not economical, it would be foolish to spend that money for one day, and then to be stuck with a bunch, unless of course there is a wedding planning business in the future.


Some venues supply them as part of the cost of using the venue. This has become a fairly normal practice and is a great opportunity if the venue is already charging for them, they should be used.

Wedding chair covers really polish things up, and look very sophisticated on the chairs, they are a great decorative option. They are becoming more and more popular as a way to add a touch of sophistication to a wedding.

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