Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible – 3 Important Answers To This Question!

If you’re a type 2 diabetic, then you’ve probable wondered if there was a way to reverse your type 2 diabetes. Well there is good news. There are 3 key factors in possibly reversing this deadly illness. Those factors are losing weight, excellent nutrition and regular exercise. After reading this article you will see that you can really take control of this disease and regain your good health!

It’s no small coincidence that 90% of type 2 diabetics are over weight. Excess weight is definitely one of the main risk factors in developing this dreaded illness. Excess weight interferes with the proper functioning of insulin. So it stands to reason that to eliminate this condition you must lose the excess weight.This is much easier said than done. Unfortunately, the first line of treatment that most doctors give is glucose reducing drugs which ironically leads to weight gain! Losing your excess body weight can actually eliminate the need for drugs to lower your glucose.

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