How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle – Know Your Body Type

I was asked by a young gentleman in the gym how long does it take to build muscle. This was an interesting question. There are so many ways to answer the question depending on the goals of the person. I decided to give him an answer that I felt was generic enough that he was satisfied, but also detailed enough that he could dig some more. There are many factors that play into answering these questions and we will delve into them. The first deciding factor in how long does it take to build muscle is totally out of your control. It is based upon your genetic make-up. Every person is one of three categories of body types. Actually most people are a combination of two, but for information sake we will keep them separate.

The first type is called endomorph. These people gain muscle very fast, but also gain fat fast as well. The second type, highly regarded as the best, is the mesomorph. This type gains muscle relatively fast, but does not gain fat. The third body type is the ectomorph. This type gains muscle incredibly slow, but also never gains fat. There are advantages to being all of these as well as disadvantages. We will focus on what these people need to do to get maximum results. The endomorph must maintain a strict diet in order to not gain fat, and the good news is that they will still put on muscle. The mesomorph does not have to do much because just hitting the gym will result in gains for them. The ectomorph must eat constantly and hit the gym for short periods of time to gain weight.

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