Different Wood Types

Before engaging in any woodworking project, you need to ask yourself one question, “What type of wood is the right type of wood to use for this project?” Many of us beginners have no idea which wood is best suited for which job and to be quite frank, how many of us actually know that much about the different types of wood.

A large number of wood species take on different characteristics. All wood consists of approx 60% cellulose and 28% lignin (Lignin is a complex chemical compound which is associated with the strengthening of wood.) which together make up the fibrous and woody cell walls and are held together by their combined bonding properties. The remaining 12% consists of their individual densities, colours and elements. The way the wood is cut at the mill and cured is what makes up the additional characteristics of the wood.

There are long lists of the the different woods but they are generally grouped into two main categories Hardwoods and Softwoods

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