A Look at the Four Personality Types

Have you ever gotten caught up in a conflict with someone at work, but had no idea why it happened? You like the person you’re dating, but you have questions about some of his behaviors. Have you ever asked yourself how you got into a completely unexpected situation? Have you ever wondered why a friend is suddenly treating you coolly? Most of us have.

The answers about you, me and everyone else lie in our personality types. Everything: feelings, thoughts, and behaviors all start there.

You can get a started right now learning about your personality and everyone else’s in the quick, easy, yet accurate information below.

Interested? Okay, then. Let’s Find Out.

Alright; how do you decide which types are yours? That’s easy. Explore these four wonderfully descriptive, distinctly different, personality types: (1) Comfort, (2) Pleasing, (3) Control, and (4) Superiority (Achieving). It won’t take much time and you’ll be surprised at your instant recognition.

If you’re like most of us, you have two stronger types that you’re acting out most of the time, usually one at work and the other one in your personal relationships. You use the other two types too, but definitely less. Look at all four. Then, pick the two that describe your behavior best. Don’t forget: you’re getting to know you. Why? That’s where your potential personal power waits.


*** Note. You’ll find a section called, “Some Positives,” for each of the four personalities. I don’t specifically discuss these positives as I do the negative qualities. The reason is simple: they work for you in your life. So, there’s no need to comment. It’s the exaggerated negatives that cause you trouble. So, that’s what we’ll help with.

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