Speck SeeThru 13 – Inside a Great Case

What makes a great laptop? Ask anyone that owns a MacBook Pro 13. And even tougher question is what makes a great a case for that MacBook Pro. You need to know what you want your case to do and where and when this case will be used.

Like anything else, let’s start with the exterior, what we know and delve in deeper. How is it designed?

Good design not only allows you complete access to everything on your computer but looks well presented and in many ways should enhance how the laptop looks and feels, giving you more than just protection as a reason to keep your cover. AirPods Pro Case The design should never take away from your laptop, never remove any of its functions or ports and with the likes of a MacBook Pro, should never make it “ugly”. It should be customised, lightweight, slim, and portable. This is a still a laptop, the epitome of portable electronics. Nothing should take away from that.

A great case makes using your MacBook Pro 13 easy, whilst also being convenient and protective on the road. No one wants to suffer replacing their investment.

Your case should also provide you with piece of mind, leaving you in the knowledge that your laptop is secure and safe. Free from scratches and dents as well as allowing you to lock it away and secure it from dirt and dust.

Better yet this case does all this whilst also providing the customer everything else they want like a choice in design and color, the kind of personalisation every owner needs whilst remaining uncluttered and well ventilated keeping in touch with the MacBook Pro’s original design.

We’ve recommended a few cases in the past but rarely has one met all our criteria’s like the Speck SeeThru 13 which is everything we want and that little bit more.

Speck expertly designs cases for Apple devices with these criteria in mind as well as the customer. Offering a wide variety of colors, this snap on case is designed custom with the MacBook pro 13 in mind providing ample ventilation and access to all your ports including your CD/DVD drive.

The hard shell case was designed with the best protection in mind, holding up well to all the daily strains you’d put any case under.

The snap fit case need never be removed meaning your MacBook Pro 13 is protected constantly whilst also being well designed and well ventilated meaning no more legs on fire. The Speck SeeThru 13 brings all the pieces of the puzzle together for a high quality affordable case.

Check out the Top 10 Reasons to use the MacBook Speck SeeThru 13 Case on our blog. Better yet, check out the actual Speck SeeThru 13 at! Use promo code “gleefriends” to take an additional 10% off the already low price!



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