Free PSP Movies

As many have heard, Sony’s PSP is a new portable device to play video games on. There is a wide selection of video games ranging from different age groups to different genres. However the PSP is not only a device to play video games or listen to music on, but it is also a mini movie theater. Yes, that’s right! Turn your PSP from a gaming device and a MP3 player to a portable movie theater. And wouldn’t it sound better if you can get free PSP movies?

The videos for PSP’s are in the form of UMD’s, which are tiny versions of a DVD. The quality of UMD’s are the same as any DVD. However, having so many UMD’s can be pretty annoying because of how small they are, not to mention how costly they can also be for you. So how can you watch movies on your PSP without having it to cost you so much? Simply download them! Instead of going to the video store and spending money on movies to watch at home from your couch, you can now download movies to your PSP and watch them while at home, on the bus and even long trips. Luckily there are sites that offer free PSP movies.

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