Ipod Movies – Rent Them Or Get Them For Free?

Many iPod users only know about the iPod movie downloads they can get from
the Apple store. They only go to the Apple store even for simple
downloads like wallpapers – because they have no idea that there are
masses of excellent quality downloads (with much better range than Apple
provides) that are absolutely free!

Now this is great news for Apple. Consider Apple’s iPod movie
rental ‘deal’.

There have been over 119 million ipods sold worldwide.
Now if only 10% of iPod owners rent one movie or TV show
each day, and each rental costs $3 a pop, then Apple makes
36 million dollars – A DAY! Thats 365×36 or 13 BILLION dollars a year!!

And I am being conservative because I will bet that more
than 10% of iPod users rent movies on any one day – and most of the movies that
they hire will be new releases at FOUR dollars a pop.

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