Fibre Optics Versus Copper Wires

Since fibre optics have virtually wiped out the copper wire system on all major platforms for communication, it is very obvious that not only is fibre optics superior in its features but also is quite feasible to replace the outdated technology. However, we still find abundant copper wire systems for communication in many countries worldwide and a many smaller businesses and industries also stick to their previous technology. In this text, we discuss few of the various advantages that fibre optic communication offers over the old copper wire system.

The first and foremost is the incredible speed that fibre optics technology offers. With the latest transmitters that can transmit multiple lasers simultaneously each with millions of pulses per second, the speed is truly astounding. The fibre optics cable can practically provide up to 10 Gbps! This also owes to the greater bandwidth offered by these cables. With greater bandwidth and such high data transfer rates, virtually all CATV companies have migrated quickly to the new cable technology.

Other than that, these cables offer high security. Unlike the copper wires, fibre optic cables are impossible to break into and the leaked light signals cannot be deciphered. Any such break into the cable is immediately realized as loss of data at the reception. The cables are also not affected by EM and RF in contrast to the copper wires. Therefore, the inference and noise introduction is prevented and these cables can be installed near working machineries and areas with EM and RF pollution.


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