Simple Wedding Dresses – The Epitome of Class and Sophistication

If you are a bride that wants a simple, but gorgeous wedding gown, then consider looking for wedding dresses that live up to the theory “Less is More”!

The bride to be that is searching for a simple and elegant wedding gown knows something that many other brides don’t, it might be the most important dress you’ll every wear, but you my dear are wearing the dress, not the other way around!

What bride didn’t have childhood dreams of exactly how her wedding dress would look? Whether it was simple and chic, or elaborate and dramatic, everyone woman has this bridal gown dream.

Simple wedding gowns however do one thing that the elaborate ones don’t, they keep the focus on you! Your face, the glow that you are illuminating that day. And that is exactly what a wedding dress should do, focus on the bride herself, not the dress itself.

A simple wedding gown does stand out in the crowd because of it’s simplicity…it becomes simplestartllc something that an elaborate wedding gown can not…elegant. Plus it can go from the ceremony to the reception with absolutely no adjustments. This is a huge plus!

Some of the most simple wedding dresses can be down right sexy and intriguing. There is nothing more beautiful than a matte satin gown that is cut in a flattering style according to the brides figure with a row of satin covered buttons trailing down the back.

Or maybe you want a softer look like a flowing chiffon spaghetti strap gown with a simple sweep train. The movement of this fabric alone attracts attention without a lot of sparkling embellishments. Chiffon is such an interesting fabric it is so soft and chic.

Simple wedding dresses can also have trains, but maybe just be embellished with something elegant like seed pearls. One of the most simplistic combinations on a bridal gown is matte satin and seed pearls. This chic duo is absolutely stunning.

If you are a bride that just wants to keep it simple, don’t let anyone talk you out of that dream. Simple wedding gowns are the epitome of class and sophistication. They keep the focus on you and your fiance, not just the dress alone.

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